BlackBerry 10 Release Pegged for October

BlackBerry 10 Release Pegged for October

RIM has yet to confirm exactly when devices running its BlackBerry 10 operating system will be out but a new report says that the company will announce its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone in August and release its first BlackBerry 10 powered device in October. According to a source of B4BB, RIM will announce the device […]

RIM’s BlackBerry London Surfaces with New Design

BlackBerry London

While RIM’s 2012 roadmap that leaked out a few days ago gave us a potential timeline for the release of the company’s first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, it didn’t provide us with what we have been craving. An image. Well, today, CrackBerry has unearthed an image of what is apparently the BlackBerry London, a device that […]

First BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Not Coming Until October?

BlackBerry Roadmap

Yesterday, a rumored RIM 2012 roadmap revealed the company’s plans for 2012 and beyond. However, there was no hard evidence to back up the claims. Today though, BGR has released the goods and what we see are a bunch of BlackBerry Curve devices, a 3G BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and a possibility that we won’t see […]

RIM 2012 Roadmap: BlackBerry 10 Phones, New Curves, New PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

It appears that RIM’s 2012/Q1 2013 roadmap has leaked out today revealing the devices that new CEO Thorsten Heins will see to the market. If they even make it that far. The roadmap reveals that RIM has a few, but not a lot of hardware on the way this year with the company planning on […]

RIM’s First BBX Smartphone to Be Named Surfboard?


The BlackBerry Surfboard is now rumored to be Research in Motion’s first smartphone based on the BBX OS platform. BBX was announced as at this year’s BlackBerry DevCon as a means to merge the BlackBerry operating system together with the QNX OS, which the PlayBook tablet is built upon. Recently, a device with the codename […]

RIM’s First QNX BlackBerry Reportedly Won’t Launch Until Q3 2012

BlackBerry London

Earlier today, we showed you a photo of what apparently is RIM’s first QNX-powered smartphone, a device called the BlackBerry London. The source couldn’t confirm that the device was real but BGR has chimed in saying that a trusted source of theirs is saying that the phone is indeed the real deal and that it […]

RIM’s First QNX BlackBerry Caught on Camera?

BlackBerry London?

What you are looking at here may or may not be one of RIM’s first QNX smartphones, a device that is thought to be called the BlackBerry “London”. We say might because the device is still unconfirmed to be the real deal. The device supposedly will be making its debut in June of 2012 and […]