Close Look at the BlackBerry PlayBook (video)


Our friend Avram Piltch got to spend some quality time with the BlackBerry PlayBook at CES 2011. The PlayBook isn’t expected to start selling for a few more months and RIM’s been relatively shy, keeping the PlayBook behind glass at trade shows more often than not. Avram wrote up his impressions after spending some time […]

RIM qualifies PlayBook battery life rumor, offers no new info


In a statement that surely interrupted someone’s winter holiday, RIM yesterday qualified the earlier report by Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu that the BlackBerry PlayBook could be delayed while they sort out battery life issues. But did they they share anything new?

RIM reportedly struggling with BlackBerry PlayBook battery life


Electronista reports that Research in Motion could be struggling to get the battery life on their BlackBerry PlayBook up to competitive levels. Adding insult to injury is an earlier report on RIM’s initial reaction to the iPhone, also on the topic of battery life.

BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On Caught on Video


Research in Motion’s been pretty shy when it comes to showing off the PlayBook. Back at DevCon 2010 we didn’t get to touch it and there weren’t any working units floating around the conference. That’s no longer the case. Even though RIM CEO Josh Balsillie wouldn’t give a live demo today at the Web 2.0 […]

BlackBerry PlayBook vs iPad Web Browsing (video)

Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 6.32.18 AM

Research in Motion’s put together a video demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s web browser and how it stacks up against the iPad’s. Pages appear to load significantly faster on the BlackBerry PlayBook and of course you can run Flash on it, while iPad’s Safari experience is a Flash-free zone. Javascript animations appear quite a bit […]

Phone + Tablet combo idea picking up steam


Dylan F. Tweney at Wired’s Gadget Lab has proclaimed “A Tablet Plus a Feature Phone Would Be Mobile Bliss”. I don’t know about that, but yeah, I agree a phone + tablet combo is a pretty good idea, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my idea (okay, maybe I am).

Blackberry’s Playbook In Action Kinda, Sorta

Blackberry’s Playbook In Action Kinda, Sorta | GottaBeMobile

Here’s a quick video that shows the Blackberry Playbook in action. Well, it kinda does. It shows off the UI a little bit. Yesterday’s news that the UI was built on Adobe UI makes this more than a curiosity. The video is the device being demoed at Adobe’s Max conference yesterday. The comment at the […]

The iPad is the Next iPod…And Then Some

photo (1)

While a lot of companies have made promises about media tablets this year, Apple’s the only one to sell such a device in any real volume. There are some Android tablets hitting the market and the BlackBerry Playbook was recently introduced. But for the time being, Apple’s the only one out there with a cohesive […]

Why Hasn’t RIM Demonstrated the PlayBook?


RIM’s generated a ton of buzz around the BlackBerry PlayBook, its 7-inch tablet device that debuted at DEVCON 2010 on Monday. A conference with thousands of BlackBerry developers and enthusiasts sure sounds like the perfect place to demonstrate the first BlackBerry device to break out of the smartphone form factor, but RIM took a different […]