RIM Unveiling New BlackBerry 7 Devices Tomorrow?

BlackBerry 7

We still have absolutely no idea when the very official BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 will be coming out but it appears that that’s not going to stop RIM from announcing new handsets as a tweet from the company’s official account has indicated that that very thing will happen at some point tomorrow.  So, what might get […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 Release Date Gets Closer

BlackBerry Torch 2

RIM told us the other day that it has seven BlackBerry devices that will arrive in the ‘coming months’ and one of those devices is almost assuredly going to be the BlackBerry Torc 2 which just passed through the FCC on its way to a possible home on AT&T. We’ve already seen the Torch 2 […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 Gets Caught in The Wild (Video)

BlackBerry Torch 2

The BlackBerry Torch 2 has revealed itself in a big way tonight as a continuous stream of leaks has culminated with an extensive video tour coming to the surface courtesy of the folks over at TechnoBuffalo. RIM’s upcoming sequel to the original BlackBerry Torch first showed up in a series of photos along with some […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 Gets Photographed, Should Arrive In July

BlackBerry Torch 2

So you may have heard that BlackBerry is going to be announcing an assortment of new BlackBerry devices next month at BlackBerry World. Well, BGR has gotten their hands on another one of them and this time it’s the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 that has received some early hands-on treatment. Right off the bat, the […]