BlackBerry Playbook: full specs and more


*+-Having had your first taste of the BlackBerry Playbook, if you’re hungry for more, BlackBerry has us covered with a press release, full specs, and a fancy new web page.

BlackBerry tablet rumors get louder and clearer


*+-The Wall Street Journal has assembled every rumor about the impending BlackBerry tablet, possibly called the BlackPad, put them in one place, and tied them together with an announcement date of next week.

BGR scoops more details on the BlackBerry tablet


*+-The Boy Genius at BGR has dug up some dirt on that rumored BlackBerry tablet, codenamed “BlackPad” and from what they say, it sounds like it will either be extremely awesome or an extreme fail (because there’s never any middle ground with these things).

RIM Planning a “iPad Killer?”


*+-I love the silliness of products that get labeled “________ killer.” I’ve seen very few products that kill off another one, instead I’ve seen many that try to leech onto a market that’s already been somewhat established. But then that’s no fun for headline writers. But then again, you can’t blame a company for trying […]