South Korea Bans Smartphone Bloatware, Will the US Follow?


Carriers and manufacturers both love to fill our smartphones and tablets full of what many consider bloatware. Applications that come pre-installed out of the box, most of which we’ll never ever use. The worst part about all these “feature-filled apps” is bloatware can’t be removed from your device. A prime example is getting a new […]

The FCC Should Follow South Korea’s Lead in Regulating Bloatware


Bloatware on a smartphone is not only annoying, but could also take up valuable storage space on a device. For that reason, South Korea is looking to regulate carriers and manufacturers in creating an environment where consumers could uninstall bloatware on their devices. Currently, many carriers lock the uninstalling process so that these pre-installed apps […]

How to Uninstall or Hide Unused Android Apps


If you are like most Android smartphone and tablet users, you probably have a few apps taking up valuable space on your device you’d rather uninstall, or apps sitting in the application tray you never use and would like to hide. This time of year many people are getting new devices, and these steps are […]

Verizon Sneaks Bloatware Onto Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus

So we just showed you some official videos for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0. In the first video, the device used is very blatantly the variant of the Galaxy Nexus that will be headed to Verizon. And from that video, it’s very easy to see that Big Red, Nexus device and all, has […]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich To End Carrier Bloatware

Android Bloatware End

Are you frustrated with the pitiful apps included with your Android smartphone when you bring it home from Verizon or AT&T? Too often we see great phones saddled with bloatware or as our own Sumocat calls it CRAPPS. These apps are limited trial versions or memory using apps that cannot be un-installed without rooting your […]

HTC EVO 3D Bloatware Can Be Removed Without Rooting


Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D, which goes on sale to the public tomorrow, will allow for all of the bloatware aka pre-installed software that comes on the device to be uninstalled without the need to root. Every single mobile carrier and manufacturer should be taking notes here. If you’ve never owned an Android device, almost all […]

Droid X2 Allows Some Bloatware to Be Removed Without Rooting

Motorola Droid X2

As many of you with Verizon handsets know, smartphones from Big Red come with a bunch of pre-loaded software – called bloatware – that can’t be uninstalled. Well, it appears that Motorola’s Droid X2, which comes with the usual stuff, allows for some of that bloatware to be removed. In the past, Verizon smartphone owners […]