Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 Emerges for Verizon Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S5 HERO

Back in February Samsung finally announced the all new Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone after months of rumors and anticipation. While showing off its latest smartphone Samsung was quick to tease four color options. However, only two were available at launch. The Galaxy S5 was announced with four color options having the device be available in […]

Microsoft Lowers Licensing Costs In Preparation for 7-Inch Windows Tablets


Microsoft is said to be lowering its Windows licensing costs to OEM manufacturers in hopes of spurring new form factors for the tablet and computing space. The company has reportedly lowered costs for both Windows and Office in anticipation of new smaller form factor tablets and touch-enabled laptops that will hit the market later this […]

Blue Eyeball Webcam and Mic


We’re big fans of the Blue Snowflake microphone around here both for its audio quality and its small compact size, and so this caught my eye. Blue has come up with a microphone/webcam combination that they are calling the Eyeball. Apparently the webcam will capture HD and is retractable for privacy. Here’s a link to […]