What are iBeacons? And Why Should iPhone Users Care?

BLE Chip - BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy

When Apple launched iOS and the new iPhone 5s, they included a little talked about feature called iBeacons. They didn’t keep it a secret, but we didn’t hear as much about iBeacons as we did about the new fingerprint sensor, the gold version of the iPhone or the revved up processor. But if iBeacons takes […]

Review: The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover


When it comes to the iPad the only things more ubiquitous than Twitter clients are keyboard covers or cases. I won’t say they are a dime a dozen because these keyboard case/coversĀ  are a little more expensive than that, but there are certainly a number of varieties for you to choose from from makers like […]

Aliph Releases New Jawbone: The Icon


I’m a fan of the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headsets and have been using them for quite some time. Aliph is releasing its next generation headset called the Icon, which features what they boast as the industry’s first software platform for a Bluetooth headset, called MyTalk.