Logitech Keys to Go Review: Mechanical Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

This is a nice portable mechanical keyboard.

The Logitech Keys to Go is an excellent way to add productivity to your iPhone or iPad without strapping a keyboard case to your device. As an added bonus, this is a mechanical keyboard for the iPad, iPhone and other devices including the Apple TV. Logitech mechanical keyboards are well-known in the gaming community, but this […]

Best Nexus 9 Keyboard Cases


Google’s new Nexus 9 tablet has been available for a little over a month and as each week passes more and more cases, keyboards, and accessories are being released for the new flagship Android tablet. Google released their own on the Play Store a few weeks back, and many third party manufacturers have excellent alternatives […]

Best iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth Keyboards

Best iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth keyboards - 3

Pair one of the best iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth keyboards to your iPhone to boost your productivity and typing speed without adding a lot of bulk to your gear bag or purse. With a 5.5-inch screen and plenty of amazing apps for writing, communication and productivity the iPhone 6 Plus is a go to tool […]

Nexus 7 Keyboard Roundup (2014 Edition)

Nexus 7 2013 Keyboard Case

The Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 2013 are popular Android tablets, and many users are looking for the best Nexus 7 keyboard to do more on the tablet. Nexus 7 owners can pick many different software keyboards to type faster, but when it comes to typing long documents or emails, it is worth investing in […]

Dell Venue 8 Pro Keyboard Review


The 8-inch Windows 8 Dell Venue 8 Pro is one of the most well-appointed and affordable 8-inch Windows tablets on the market today with a screen size that’s designed to compete against consumer-grade devices like Apple’s iPad mini and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. With that in mind, Dell had committed to building out the tablet’s […]

Best Nexus 7 2013 Accessories


The original Nexus 7 was wildly successful and truly put Android tablets on the map, and this year the second-gen Nexus 7 (2013) is even better. With such popularity comes a guarantee that there will be several different cases and accessories for the device, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. The new Nexus […]

Logitech Easy-Switch Keyboard Will Pair With Your iPad, iPhone and Mac

Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech’s new Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard can connect to up to three different devices, making it perfect for users with a Mac, iPad and iPhone. The Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard can switch between three stored Bluetooth connections with the press of a button. The Mac keyboard layout makes it great for Apple fans who own a […]

How to Use a Bluetooth Keyboard With the iPad


Typing on the iPad touchscreen is noticeably slower than using a traditional keyboard. With a few easy steps it’s possible to pair a bluetooth keyboard to the iPad for a better typing experience. With tablets becoming more and more mainstream their use in the class room and workplace is evolving. For most people who spend their […]

Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard Is An Awesome iPad Keyboard


The Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is an awesome bluetooth keyboard for the new iPad. Last summer K.T. Bradford reviewed the Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, but it’s so good I had to revisit the bluetooth keyboard solution with the new iPad. This solution gives you a portable Bluetooth keyboard with excellent island style keys and […]

ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth Keyboad Hands-on


Zagg is showing off a nifty Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet needs. You can use it with iOS and Android tablets, but I was also told that it’s been tested with Windows Phone too. All the functionality that the keyboard offers doesn’t currently work with Windows Phone, but the core functions should. It’s designed for […]

Retro Alert: iStation Turns Your iPad Into An Apple I

istation for the iPad

Apple fans apparently never get tired of the retro Apple kitsch, even as they cling to their modern Apple devices. Thus I’m sure the folks over at MICGadget will sell many of their new iStation desktop stands for the iPad. Designed to look like the Apple I, this stand cleverly blends the old and the […]

NaNoWriMo: Are Tablets Good For Writers?

My favorite writing setup by jkleske on Flickr

A few weeks ago author N. K. Jemisin () asked me to help her find an office app for iPad or Android tablets that would allow her to accept and reject Word’s track changes and view comments. We found a partial solution in SoftMaker Office, but it still has drawbacks and isn’t available for the […]

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android and iPad Review

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ Honeycomb

Bluetooth keyboards are finally back in style thanks to the tablet revolution. It started with a slew of mostly lackluster options for the iPad (with the exception of Apple’s offering). This summer we’re finally getting some good choices on the Android side as well. And where there are keyboards, one usually finds Logitech. Logitech’s Tablet […]

ZAGGkeys Solo Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and Android Tablets Lands for $70

ZAGGkeys Solo

While most of us have adjusted to software keyboards on our phones, serious productivity often counts on a hardware keyboard. ZAGG just released a new keyboard which helps iPad and Android owners get productive on the go. The ZAGGkeys Solo is a bluetooth keyboard that works with your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android smartphone. Instead of a dock […]

iTablet Thumb Keyboard Comes with Rear Touchpad

Thumb Keyboard Front & Back V2a

iTablet Thumb Keyboard is looking to bring a compact Bluetooth keyboard to market for thumb typists that will feature a trackpad or touchpad on the rear. The company is targeting the keyboard not only at the smartphone and tablet market, but also as a means to control living room TV boxes, such as the Google […]

Flashpoint iBoard for iPad & iPhone


This isn’t just any Bluetooth keyboard, this is one sold by a… camera company. What? This keyboard caught my eye though, it has hotkeys to select websites. Sure, you could type E B A Y . C O M easy enough, but why not just use a hotkey right?

Brando Folding BlueTooth Keyboard


Back in the UMPC days we saw a number of interesting BlueTooth and USB keyboard designs that included rigid form factors as well as flexible ones. With the advent of the iPad and the potential for all of those Tablet/Slates we keep hearing about, we’re sure to see a resurgence of BlueTooth keyboards, and to […]

Taiji Slate with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard


The Taiji Windows 7 Slate being shown off at Computex adds an interesting twist to the “here come the slates” entry. It has a small detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The Slate is running Windows 7 on a VIA C7 M processor so don’t look for a speed demon here. Check out the video below. Shanzai.com via […]