Android 4.3 Could Roll Out In Coming Months

A Google I/O announcement gives hope for an Android 4.3 update in the coming months.

There was no Android 4.3 release at Google I/O, but a small Bluetooth announcement late in the day gives hope for an Android 4.3 release in the near future. According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a ┬ácoming version of Android will deliver support for Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart natively built-in. The Bluetooth […]

Bluetooth 4.0 Rebranded as Bluetooth Smart as it Heads for Broad Adoption


Finally digging itself out from the geek niche, The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is rebranding the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless standard, version 4.0, to make it easier for consumers to understand how different BT devices relate to one another as this new standard aims for broad adoption.