Brazil vs Germany: Live Stream of World Cup Semifinal

The Brazil vs Germany live stream is the best way to watch for many users.

Forget a TV, the Brazil vs Germany live stream is how many fans will watch one of the most exciting World Cup 2014 semifinal matches. If you plan to watch the Brazil vs Germany game in the U.S. you’ll need to make sure to tune in on a live stream since it is once again during the […]

Apple Sued for iPad 4’s Quick Launch

Brazil says Apple was too quick to announce the iPad 4.

The iPad 4 launched too soon after the iPad 3 according to a new lawsuit in Brazil, which claims Apple planned to make the iPad 3 obsolete, and seeks damages for consumers who purchased the iPad 3. The Brazilian Institute of Politics and Law Software filed a lawsuit alleging Apple’s faster iPad 4 release constitutes “planned […]