Tech to Watch: pCell Provides Broadband Speeds 1000 Times Better


One hears about new tech innovations that can disrupt things frequently. Occasionally those bold ideas come to be. pCell is one I think anyone (except possibly the carriers) would welcome. pCell is a short cut for “personal cell.” It’s a personal cell phone signal that can follow you wherever you are and deliver better connectivity […]

USA Ranks 31st In Broadband Speed According to Speedtest


If there were an Olympics for best broadband speeds than the USA probably wouldn’t even be allowed to field a team. According to recent test results from, the USA is back in the pack, ranking a paltry 31st among countries around the globe. Countries in the Pacific and Europe rank above the USA with […]

Let There Be WiFi: AT&T Lights Up Colleges with Broadband


Though UC Berkeley’s college motto may be “let there be light,” a nod to the knowledge that’s both instilled and created through research on campus, that spread of “light” is aided by AT&T’s broadband and mobile broadband networks. In a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, telecom giant AT&T is providing the school with enhanced […]

Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router With Voice (MiFi Home) Review


Unlike Verizon’s other MiFi products made by Novatel Wireless, the new 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice, also branded as the MiFi Home, is not designed to be used as a truly mobile product. Instead, Verizon is showcasing its latest MiFi Home as an affordable, convenient way to either allow users to cut the cord […]

Verizon HomeFusion Uses 4G LTE to Complete Last Mile Nationwide

Verizon Home Fusion Router

Users who live in rural areas without access to cable and DSL connectivity must compare internet connection speeds in kilobytes, not megabytes. Verizon HomeFusion brings fast internet speeds to rural areas and suburbs too far away for traditional wired Internet with the speed of 4G LTE. That means users can enjoy speeds of 5 – 12 […]

Choke Point


The inevitable is here and quite frankly I’m glad. Quite a few new iPad owners are experiencing the faster speeds provided by Verizon or AT&T’s LTE network and enjoying streaming HD video on that new Retina display. Some of those are realizing that the faster speeds combined that video streaming means they can burn through […]

Will the iPad 3 Continue Grandfathered Unlimited Data With 4G?

AT&T Finally Comes Clean on Data Throttling Limits

Last year, when the iPad 2 came out, AT&T allowed customers with the unlimited data plan offered for the iPad 1 (but discontinued before the iPad 2 launch) to keep using that plan with the new tablet, much as they’ve done with iPhone and other smartphone customers. Though recently those same customers are feeling salty […]

iPhone Owner Gets $850 from AT&T Over Data Throttling

iPhone Owner Takes AT&T to Court Over Data Throttling and Wins

AT&T’s data throttling policy, aimed at curbing consumption of those grandfathered into unlimited data plans, has drawn the ire of smartphone owners on one of the nation’s largest cellular providers. However, one man decided to take his frustrations a step beyond customer service and beyond the forums where most complaints take  place. Matt Spaccarelli has […]

Sprint Announces 3 New 4G LTE Devices as Part of Network Vision


Sprint announced three new 4G LTE devices as CES kicks off. The carrier, which has in the past operated on rival 4G WiMax technology, is now beginning its transition to LTE technology as part of its Network Vision strategy to offer customers more robust and faster mobile broadband speeds, which will allow faster downloads and […]

Dish Network Wants to Create 4G LTE Network


Satellite TV provider Dish Network wants to build a mobile broadband 4G LTE network with its existing spectrum, which when it had acquired was earmarked for satellite services. Dish Network wants to better compete with phone and cable companies that are now offering high speed Internet, paid TV offerings, and phone into a package. The […]

Optical Drive Becomes Latest Casualty in Quest for the Cloud

The new faster, MacBook Air. The ultimate everyday notebook. Now up to 2.5x faster, featuring highspeed Thunderbolt IO and OS X Lion

The ‘cloud’ is becoming a big feature of our digital lives today–anywhere from the most recently launched Spotify for cloud-based streaming music to cloud-streamed videos like those on Netflix and Hulu. All of this is driven by the increasing access and availability to the Internet and broadband, either through mobile like on 3G and 4G […]

Sprint Finally Announces 3G/4G MiFi Pricing and Dates


If you’ve been waiting to hear when Sprint would announce its 3G/4G MiFi card you can stop waiting. Sprint made the announcement recently. The new card from Novatel, now called the Sprint MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless, will cost $79.99 with a two year contract or eligible upgrade. Data plans start at $49.99 […]

The Myths and Mysteries of 4G Coverage Continue


4G connectivity is destined to be something we all have sooner or later. Probably about the time that we start hearing about 5G. The major US carriers have all rolled out their versions in some markets and unfortunately they’ve all rolled out their own definitions about what 4G actually delivers. Or not. Sascha Segan at […]

Sneaky Sprint Adds $10 a Month Charge to 3G Customers


4G is all the rage. And there was some rage when 4G first debuted on Sprint when there was a $10 charge to use it’s version of 4G if you picked up an EVO even in areas where 4G wasn’t turned on. Well, I’m guessing today’s news is going to cause a bit more rage. […]

T-Mobile in Britain Cuts Mobile Broadband Video to 500MB


Ouch. I’ve been expecting a move like this somewhere, sometime and it looks like it is here. At least in Great Britain. On February 1 T-Mobile will impose a 500MB “fair use” limit on streaming or downloading video on mobile users. (Don’t confuse the phrase “fair use” here with how it is used when talking […]