What Are These Mobile Honchos Smoking?


Wow. That’s all I can say. I read some of the transcripts and watched some of the video from the D: Dive Into Mobile conference last night. Interviews with some of the big wigs who run the carriers and their strategies were nothing if not illuminating and one with RIM that equally sheds light on […]

The Curious Pricing of 3G Data Plans


Have you ever scratched your head in wonder or frustration or anger at how 3G data plans are priced by the carriers? It often seems like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma to quote Winston Churchill. Certainly there’s no consistency and to be frank, my opinion is that is just the way […]

Upgrading to a High Performance Router Makes a World of Difference

Linksys - Wireless - Cisco Home Products

To me my thinking about routers has always been similar to how I think of printers. They are utility devices that I spend a lot of time researching before making a purchase, then make the purchase, hook them up, and forget about them. Until they fail. Then the process starts all over again. Of course […]

Samsung Sells 600,000 Galaxy Tabs, But Questions Linger


Interesting. Samsung is receiving some mixed but usually positive reviews for the Galaxy Tab. There are reports that they’ve cut back on production, which I dismiss as wrong, if not curious, given the timing. Now we’re hearing that the WiFi Galaxy Tab has been delayed by manufacturing issues thanks to an eagle eye from Jeff […]

Which Carrier Offers What with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab price wars_ US carriers face off -- Engadget

It’s not often in the mobile tech sector that US consumers have a choice between the major carriers when it comes to the introduction of a new device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of those opportunities. All four carriers are rolling out plans to support the Galaxy Tab and hoping to woo you. Engadget […]

So, I Took A Little Trip to the Sprint Store


My wife dropped her phone the other day and it met an untimely end. Fortunately I pay for insurance on her phone. Not that she drops them often, but she’s hard on gadgets. So we headed to the Sprint Store to get a replacement. That part of the plan went off without a hitch. Phone […]

Verizon’s Tiered Pricing Plans Coming October 28


Don’t say you weren’t warned. According to an Engadget report, Verizon’s tiered pricing plans for data will take effect on October 28 If you dwell in the land of Smart Phones you’ll have your choice between 150MB for $15 with a $0.10 per MB overage or $29.99 for unlimited access. Yeah, there’s that unlimited word […]

Sprint Gives Dates for WiMax in LA, SF, and NYC


Maybe Sumocat is a little happier this morning. Sprint and Clearwire are announcing dates when they will flip the switch on WiMax in three big US cities. New York City gets lit up on November 1, Los Angeles on December 1, and San Francisco later in December. That last one is still a little porous, […]

A Sign of What’s to Come: AT&T Rolls Out Pay-As-You-Go Plans

AT&T Logo

Anyone who follows the mobile technology scene with any degree of regularity knew this was coming in some way shape or form and coming soon. Now it looks like AT&T is giving it’s flavor of a Pay-As-You-Go plan a roll out with three new devices.  The two netbooks and one notebook include the Acer Aspire […]

No Surprise: Verizon Heading to Capped Data Plans


Tell me you didn’t see this coming. Verizon is reported to be moving to capping its data services. This of course follows with what AT&T did after it realized its failed network can’t handle the data traffic that it advertises. These companies love to tell us how great their networks are but then play poor […]

The Blessings and Curses of Always On (or Off) Connectivity


This has been an insane week for me. We’re opening a production of Always Patsy Cline at a different venue from our home theatre, Historic Jordan Springs Event and Cultural Arts Center. It is a lovely venue, almost idyllic in its rural setting. At the same time we’re in the second  week of rehearsals for […]

Right Hand Left Hand: Bandwidth Caps and Advertising


So, I’m just curious here. Everyone who is pushing anything in the mobile scene always utters one big word. That one big word is advertising. It can be argued that iPads and Tablet/Slates are basically being positioned as new advertisement delivery mechanisms, given that we’ve developed a culture that is hesitant to pay for content […]

Sprint Pushes 4G Overdrive and Adds an iPad Case


Sprint seems to be going all out with its quasi 4G push and the Overdrive. For those that don’t know the Overdrive is the portable modem that allows you to suck down Sprint’s broadband signal and use it with up to 5 devices as a WiFi connection. If you’re in an area where Sprint’s WiMax […]

FCC Providing Tools to Test Broadband Speeds

Welcome to Broadband.gov

If you’ve ever thought you weren’t getting the broadband speeds your ISP or provider promised, you might want to try these tools that the FCC has just made available. First up is a tool you can use on your laptop or desktop that tells you upload and download speeds along with measuring latency and jitter. […]

Verizon: More Bandwidth Coming, But Consumers Will Pay


Get ready for some form of tiered broadband pricing. There is certainly nothing wrong with paying for what you use as a concept. But the problem that broadband providers have is backing away from phrases like “unlimited” that they used to use to attract customers. In a Wall St. Journal article touting Verizon’s 4G service […]

Connectify.me Turns Your Note/Netbook Into a Wireless HotSpot


Sharing Internet connections  has been one way to spread the broadband love for some time. There are certainly options to do so with hardware such as the MiFi card (still in the running as one of my favorite gadgets of the year.) But here is a software solution that can all you to turn your […]

Are You Ready for Exabytes? Are Broadband Providers?


I say it over and over again. The Achilles heel of most of the innovation we are seeing in computing is how broadband develops to keep pace with the demands we are placing on the pipes. To be honest, I’m not overly optimistic that the pipes will ever be big enough to keep up. The […]

How Do You Define Broadband?

With government initiatives underway to hopefully improve our broadband lives here in the US, the first item on the list appears to be defining exactly what broadband is. Or rather, what definition the government will use. Some say it has to do with speed, some see it as a different picture. The FCC is looking […]

DOJ Takes a Look at Telcom Industry

It is in the early stages and nothing may come of the review but the US Department of Justice is going to take a look at the Telcom industry to see if there is any abuse going on. Again, things are very early, but the Wall St. Journal is reporting that the DOJ will be […]