Samsung Galaxy S4: Thinner, Longer Battery Life, Smarter WiFi Possible

Samsung Galaxy S4 Render Thin

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will likely include a new WiFi chip that delivers longer range, better speeds and better battery life, which could help Samsung deliver a thinner Galaxy S4. Peter Wang, an analyst with Evercore Partners, tells Barron’s that checks with the supply chain indicate Samsung will use a new Broadcom 4335 chip in […]

iPhone 5S Chip Rumors Point to June Release, Little Chance of NFC

iPhone 5S Chip

The iPhone 5S may not support NFC, at least not with the latest Broadcom NFC + WiFi combo chip announced at CES 2013. Patrick Wang, an analyst with Evercore Partners believes Apple will use the Broadcom¬†43342 combo chip in the iPhone 5S, with a ramp up for mid-2013 and an estimated 13% increase in production […]

New Broadcom GPS Chip Brings Faster Lock Times, Better Location Accuracy


Broadcom has announced its new BCM4752 GPS receiver chipset for smartphones and mobile devices that promises a number of welcomed new improvements, including faster GPS lock times, space efficiency inside devices, power efficiency, and improved accuracy. What this means is that manufacturers of smartphones can deliver a better GPS and navigation experience to end-users while […]