Google Silences Bump and Flock. Chirp is an Alternative to Bump


Back in September 2013 the makers of Bump and Flock, two popular photo sharing Apps, were acquired by Google. At the time there was the promise that both Apps would continue. That’s not the case anymore. The Bump team has announced that as of January 31, both Apps will be pulled from App stores and […]

Google Acquires Wireless Data-Sharing App Bump


Bump, the popular wireless file-sharing app for smartphones, has been acquired by Google. The startup company announced the buyout on their blog, saying that it “couldn’t be more thrilled to join Google.” Both Bump and Flock will continue to work as usual, according to the company, but it seems they may undergo some changes at […]

Bump to Pay with Bump’s New iPhone App

Bump Pay

Bump has introduced a new iPhone app, Bump Pay, which does exactly what you’d expect from the name. Bump Pay lets users “bump” their iPhones for an easy payments. The new Bump Pay app uses your PayPal account for easy money transfers. After the you enter the value and the phones bumped, your money will transfer […]