White Nexus 4 Bumper On Sale Ahead of Release

A white Nexus 4 bumper is on sale in Canada.

The white Nexus 4 bumper appeared online in February and now the White Nexus 4 bumper is on sale at a retailer in Canada, though there is no official word on a white Nexus 4 release yet. The white Nexus 4 bumper is shown in a display with the Nexus 4 and a black Nexus […]

Titanium is the Claim to Fame of $300 iPhone 4 Bumper


Third-party accessory-maker Case-Mate is releasing a $300 iPhone 4 bumper-style case that is machined from a solid chunk of titanium. The metal, which is found on aircrafts, expensive cars, and American Express Black Card charge cards, is durable, strong, while still being lightweight. While the case design is fashioned to look like Apple’s own rubber […]

Apple Begins Free Case Program: There’s an App For That


As promised, Apple is rolling out its free case program to deal with the fallout from the “Death Grip” or “antennagate” issue. Believe it or not, for some there’s an App for that. If you’re one of those who did not purchase a case, then you download the App, run it, and select a Bumper […]

iPhone 4 Bumper is no match for my Death Grip


So I was out at a local festival today and opted to bum around the Apple Store while my wife went to Pottery Barn (again). Seeing a whole column of Bumpers on the shelf, I took advantage of the opportunity and bought one. While it fulfills the purpose of the purchase, I was surprised to […]