ESPN Chooses Money Over Users with Mobile Apps

ESPN Chooses Money Over Users with Mobile Apps

Earlier today, Gawker reported on an extremely shady move by ESPN as far as its ESPN Radio app is concerned. ESPN will be introducing a new and improved ESPN Radio application for $4.99. However, it will be closing up shop on its aging ESPN Radio app that it launched back in 2009. That wouldn’t be […]

iPads Instrumental in Saving Greece $140 Billion

One hundred iPads and a custom app helped Greece slash its debt in half. Of course the iPads and the debt-restructuring app didn’t save Greece $140 billion all on their own, but they did help funnel complex information and help more than 100,000 bondholders get on board. As CNN’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports, Bondholder Communications Group […]

Microsoft Forms ‘Strategic Partnership’ With Barnes & Noble

Microsoft Forms 'Strategic Partnership' With Barnes & Noble

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have put their differences aside and formed a strategic partnership in an effort to take on competitors like Amazon and Apple. Under the agreement, Microsoft will invest $300 million into the company taking a 17.6% stake in a newly spun-off subsidiary. In a presser, that subsidiary is referred to as […]

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

Apple has released its fiscal Q2 results today, which include sales figures for both the iPhone and the iPad, and the figures are unexpectedly big. Over the March quarter, the Cupertino-based company posted $39.2 billion in revenue with a net profit of $11.6 billion. Those figures are way up from the same quarter a year […]

iPhone Still Dominates Android at Verizon

iPhone Remains Dominant on Verizon

Verizon has announced its first quarter earnings today and revealed that it activated 3.2 million iPhones during the quarter, a decline from the 4.3 million that it activated in Q4 of 2011, but a number that still represents over half of the carrier’s smartphone sales. The decline in iPhone sales can likely be attributed to […]

Google to Sell Motorola’s Hardware Business to Huawei?

Google Might Sell Motorola's Hardware Division to Huawei

A new, unconfirmed rumor has Google potentially selling Motorola’s handset business to Chinese company Huawei. In fact, Google has apparently already offered to sell its newly acquired asset to Huawei for a “high price.” The rumor comes from Dennis Berman of the Wall Street Journal and while it’s the first time we’ve heard of such […]

Dell Kills Venue and Venue Pro, Vows Return to Smartphone Market

Dell Kills Venue and Venue Pro, Vows Return to Smartphone Market

Dell has confirmed that it will be ditching the Venue and the Venue Pro, two smartphones that the company currently has on the market, but that that decision doesn’t mean the end of Dell’s presence in the smartphone market. In fact, Dell spokeswoman Ellen Murphy has told PCMag that the company intends to launch more […]

RIM Leadership Departs after Playbook Fails

RIM Leadership Departs after Playbook Fails

It’s been a pretty busy day over at Research in Motion as the company not only announced paltry fourth quarter fiscal results but also saw its former CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Balsillie, resign from his post on the board of directors and leave the company. In addition, RIM’s CTO of software, David Yach, and its […]

Windows on ARM Leaves Businesses Behind


Though Microsoft is trying to create similar experiences for its Windows 8 releases for ARM and x86 processors, the software giant has admitted that Windows on ARM may not be suitable for business environments. According to Microsoft, Windows on ARM won’t offer businesses and IT managers manageability features that help corporations deploy vast numbers of […]

Nokia Became the Top Windows Phone Vendor In Just One Quarter

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia took its time to get into the modern smartphone market, but it’s already made a pretty big impact. After just one quarter of producing devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, Nokia managed to become the biggest vendor of Microsoft’s mobile OS. It seems that Microsoft’s deal with Nokia is already paying off. In […]

How Motorola is Failing Its Android Customers

How Motorola is Failing Its Android Customers

It has become clear that both HTC and Motorola have taken a back seat to Samsung when it comes to Android. While both HTC and Motorola have been talking about plans to scale back releases in 2012, Samsung employees have likely be dousing themselves in champagne celebrating the Samsung Galaxy S II surpassing the 20 […]

Is the Galaxy Note Good For Business?

Now that BlackBerry is no longer the default choice for enterprise, business users are looking to Android and iOS for their work handsets. There are already a few Android phones for this demographic like the Motorola XPRT/Droid Pro. However, since at least last year Samsung has started courting the boardroom set with their smartphones and […]

iPhone Brings 720,000 New Subscribers to Sprint

iPhone Brings 720,000 New Subscribers to Sprint

Back in October, the long-rumored Sprint iPhone finally rolled out to customers in the United States and today, the carrier announced the fruits of its decision to carry the iconic smartphone. The company has revealed that it endured a a $1.3 billion net loss during the fourth quarter of 2011 but that it has seen […]

Blame the ThunderBolt for HTC’s Poor 4G LTE Smartphone Sales


2011 saw the introduction of widespread 4G LTE and the devices that support the next-generation network that can pull down speeds 10 times faster than those of normal 3G. One of the companies responsible for said devices was HTC which came out with the first widespread 4G LTE smartphone in the HTC ThunderBolt, a phone […]

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP


According to a report from AllThingsD, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has left Helwitt-Packard effective immediately. It was Rubinstein who was at the helm of Palm when it was bought by HP back in April of 2010  for $1.2 billion. HP is saying that Rubinstein left after he completed 12-24 month commitment post-acquisition and the […]

Motorola Only Sold a Million Tablets in 2011


Motorola has released its Q4 and 2011 earnings today and well, it’s not pretty. Motorola Mobility has announced that it lost some $80 million on $5.3 billion in revenue during Q4, a huge drop from the same quarter in 2010 which saw the company earn just around $110 million in profit. Also included were some […]

SAP Playing with Fire…and Other Consumer Tablets

Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 12.25.15 PM

AP, the giant enterprise software company from Germnay, isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think about potential Kindle Fire customers, but its CIO was playing with one when I met up with him at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. We chatted about why more and more consumer devices are making it […]

Google: 250 Million Android Devices Activated, 11 Billion Apps Downloaded


During its Q4 earnings call today, Google announced some pretty impressive figures in terms of its reach in the mobile space. In addition to announcing the $10 billion that his company brought in last quarter, CEO Larry Page announced that there are now 250 million Android devices in the world and those users have downloaded […]

Samsung Not Interested in Buying RIM

BlackBerry Bold 9900

Earlier today, we reported on a rumor that stated that RIM was in discussions with Samsung about a possible buyout of the company. That rumor, according to Samsung, is completely false. Company spokesperson James Chung has told Reuters that not only has the company not been contacted by Research in Motion but that Samsung is […]

Jerry Yang Resigns from Yahoo!


Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from the company that he helped start back in 1995. In a statement, Yang confirmed that he was stepping down from his position on the company’s board of directors and that he would also be relinquishing all other roles at the internet company that he co-founded with David Filo. […]