How to Turn Off or Adjust Galaxy S6 Button Lights

Galaxy-S6 buttonlight

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have two light up buttons on each side of the dedicated home button, and they glow when users interact with the device. This is so you know where they are, and can easily see the back and recent apps buttons. These only stay lit up for 1.5 […]

How to Change the LG G3 On-screen Buttons


Just like the LG G2 last year and a few other phones from LG, the all new LG G3 is extremely customizable out of the box. Users have an array of options they can select to change the overall look and feel of the device. A prime example is being able to completely change the […]

How to Turn Off or Adjust Galaxy S5 Button Lights

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 -  005-XL

When it comes to using the Samsung Galaxy S5 there are plenty of options, features, advanced controls and even settings to change how everything works. Consumers likely have plenty of questions about how everything works on the Galaxy S5, and we have the answers. With millions of Galaxy S5 owners starting to enjoy the device […]

HTC M8 Leaks Confirm a Major Change for HTC

HTC One buttons

There is a major change coming to HTC smartphones in 2014 that some may or may not like, at least if the multiple leaks and rumors as of late are accurate. The HTC One’s successor, codenamed the HTC M8, is sounding more and more like an excellent phone with each new set of details we […]

Amazing Video Shows ‘Physical’ Buttons on iPhone Touch Screen

Physical buttons on touch screen

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the iPhone’s touch screen could magically go from flat to buttons when you want to make a call or need to type? Touchscreens that transform from flat to tactile in seconds are no longer science fiction, they are Tactus touch screens. Watch the demo of Tactus touch screens to see […]

Windows Phone 7 to Have Button-Less Design with Mango Update?


The leaked images of Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 prototype revealed a curious fact–that device lacked the three hardware buttons that were required by Microsoft at the time that Windows Phone 7 debuted–Windows, back, and search. At the time of the leak, it was thought that Nokia had special access and privilege to modify […]

Android Device Users Help Me Out Here When It Comes to Buttons and Bezels

3- an overview of the smart bezel's secondary display - apple patent apr 2011

Yesterday we linked to information about Apple getting a patent on technology that allows for discrete and/or capacitive buttons on the bezel of a device. We’ve heard in the past about Apple and others exploring technology to allow touch on both front and back sides of devices. In my admittedly limited experiences with Android devices, […]

Apple Patent Reveals Touch-Sensitive Buttons Underneath iPhone Bezel

1 - Apple Blows us Away with Smart Bezel Detailing - Apr 7, 2011

Similar to the discrete gesture areas on webOS smartphones like the HP Palm Pre, an Apple patent shows that the iPhone-maker is looking to embed dynamic buttons, gestures, and actions into the unusued bezel area surrounding the touchscreen smartphone. In the patent application, Apple intends to use the area as a secondary display with electro-luminescence technology. Apple […]

Next iPad to Use Proximity Sensor to Auto-Unlock Screen


The new iOS 4.3 beta that was released to developers this week reveals hints that Apple may employ a proximity sensor in the next iPad to automate the process of locking and unlocking the tablet display. In the past, Apple has used–and popularized–proximity sensors on the iPhone to automatically turn off the device’s display while […]