HTC One on C-Spire Gets Android 4.3 Ahead of Verizon and T-Mobile

The Verizon HTC One is a powerful device.

HTC is doing a fine job with upgrading its flagship smartphone the HTC One to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Delivering the latest Android OS to the device faster than most other manufacturers. However, carriers aren’t making it so easy. After reporting on both Sprint and AT&T getting the latest and greatest, following the international model, […]

C Spire Takes On Google Fiber with Gigabit Internet Rollout Plans


In an effort to give Google Fiber more competition, C Spire has announced that it will begin rolling out gigabit internet to the masses. It will be called C Spire Fiber to the Home and the company is encouraging cities and towns to campaign for C Spire to pick them as the first region to launch […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Heads to Two New U.S. Carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available to C-Spire and MetroPCS users.

Starting today, users in the United States have two new regional carriers to choose from when purchasing Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S4. C-Spire users will be able to pick up the Galaxy S4 with a two-year service contract for just $199 or at the device’s full list price of $629. Just as with the […]

iPhone 5 Heading to C-Spire Wireless on September 28th


At launch, the iPhone 5 will be available on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. However, a few days later, the device will be launching on regional carrier C-Spire which will be hosting the iPhone 5 on its network starting on September 28th. The carrier confirmed the news today saying that the iPhone 5, announced today in […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: Editors’ Choice


The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s best Android smartphone to date and the company’s successor to the Galaxy S II device that was launched last year as the Galaxy S II on AT&T and T-Mobile and the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint. The touchscreen-only smartphone will compete against the HTC One X series as well […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Headed to C-Spire

Samsung Galaxy S III Headed to C-Spire

Regional carrier C-Spire, which also carriers the iPhone 4S, has announced that it will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S III at some point in the future. The carrier is the latest American carrier to join the Galaxy S III party and it will be launching the phone on its 4G LTE network. In fact, […]

Verizon All But Confirms 4G LTE iPhone 5

Verizon All But Confirms 4G LTE iPhone 5

Even before Apple announced the 4G LTE enabled third-generation iPad, there had been speculation that the next version of the iPhone would come equipped with those blazing fast data speeds. Well, in statements made today to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon pretty much confirmed what we think we know. The carrier has made it known […]

iPhone 5 Launch Outed by C-Spire?

C-Spire LTE Roll Out Points to Possible Fall iPhone 5 Launch

Earlier today, regional carrier C-Spire announced that it would be rolling out its $60 million 4G LTE network in various locations in the state of Mississippi come September. It didn’t, however, announce any sort of devices that would be accompany the carrier entry into the world of 4G LTE. However, we can think of at […]

Nokia Lumia 900 vs. iPhone 4S

Nokia Lumia 900

Last year, Apple released its next-generation iPhone in the iPhone 4S. And while some wondered whether or not the company would achieve the same success with the a device that looked exactly like the previous incarnation of the iPhone, Apple went on to sell an absolute ton of iPhone 4S’. If you want specifics, it […]

iPhone 4S vs. Motorola Droid 4

iPhone 4S vs. Motorola Droid 4

A couple of days ago, Verizon released the third follow-up to the original Motorola Droid in the form of the Motorola Droid 4. The Droid 4 was first announced at CES 2012 where we awarded it with our Best Smartphone of CES award. Translation: It’s an extremely solid phone and one that many of you […]

iPhone 4S Headed to C Spire on November 11th

iPhone 4S

It looks like the iPhone 4S won’t be just launching in 15 new countries on November 11th as regional carrier C Spire has announced that it will start offering the iPhone 4S on the same day as well. The price of the device won’t change when it lands either. C Spire will be offering up […]

Local Carrier C Spire (Cellular South) Getting The iPhone 4S

C Spire iPhone 4S

One of the things we were disappointed over when the iPhone launched was lack of carrier choice outside of the big, national players. It’s great that Sprint got to join in on the fun, but more options are better. Now a local carrier gets to play, too. C Spire will get the iPhone 4S sometime […]