How to Cancel Cable the Easy Way


You may remember last year’s fiasco with Comcast when a user tried to cancel his service, but instead took a trip to hell. This is pretty common with cable providers and internet service providers, but there’s one trick that you can use to cancel cable with ease. If you want to cancel your cable subscription […]

5 Common FiOS Problems & Fixes


FiOS is one of the most popular fiber optic internet and television services in the US, with Google Fiber hot on its heels. However, FiOS isn’t without its problems, so here five common FiOS problems and how to fix them. Of course, not every internet service provider is flawless with their service, which is precisely […]

Dish Sling TV: Watch ESPN Without Cable

Use Sling TV to watch ESPn without cable for $20 a month.

The new Dish Sling TV is a $20 a month subscription service that lets you watch a collection of channels including ESPN online on your Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Mac, PC and other devices without a traditional cable subscription. You can also watch on iPhone, iPad or Android, but ESPN access may be […]

How to Quit Cable and Save Money


While cable subscriptions are still alive and well, more and more households are making the switch to cutting the cable and relying on streaming services. Cable certainly isn’t cheap (although some cable providers are making it cheaper with basic bundles), and while it will always have its advantages no matter what, users are pondering just […]

Comcast Gets In on Apple TV Rumors

Apple TV Rumors are heating up

A new Apple TV has been rumored for quite some time, but Comcast has re-enforced these rumors by referencing the “development of an Apple set-top box” in a blog post about the Comcast/Time Warner merger on the company’s corporate blog. While discussing what the competition is doing in the television market, Comcast mentions that “Apple […]

Apple TV Comcast Deal Reportedly in the Works for Streaming TV Service

Apple TV

Apple is said to be in talks with Comcast to provide a streaming television service for the next-generation Apple TV, according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal would apparently give Apple TV owners the ability to watch a number of Comcast channels and would get special treatment for those already Comcast cable subscribers, such […]

Xfinity TV Go iOS App is Now Live for Live TV Streaming

XFinity TV Go App with Live Stream Button

We posted last week this was coming, and now it is available. Comcast has just released the iOS Xfinity TV Go App which allows Comcast customers to live stream content anywhere they can find a WiFi connection. Actually the Xfinity TV Go App is a revamping and rebranding of the Xfinity TV Player App. With the […]

How Google Fiber Can Still Benefit You, Even if You’re Not in a Google Market


Google’s cheap, competitive pricing for its fiber-based Internet and TV service has many tech users clamoring for the service, but unfortunately it’s roll-out is still in very limited markets. However, in spite of limited availability of Google Fiber, the service may have far more wide-reaching effects, even to those who don’t live or work in […]

I Love the New Lightning Connector

iphone 5 lightning2

Count me as someone who’s seen the light or Lightning in this case. As Apple launches the iPhone 5, the new sync and charging connector goes from an often used but seldom considered aspect of Apple device design to a much maligned facet of the iPhone 5. As the owner of more than a few 30-pin […]

Lightning to USB Cables Scarce as iPhone 5 Release Nears

Lightning Connector box

The iPhone 5 uses a new dock connector that is thinner, smaller and hard to find. The new Lightning connection on the iPhone 5 replaces the bulky 30-pin dock, so users will need a new cable to sync and charge the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 ships with one Lightning to USB cable, but users looking […]

iPhone 5’s Lightning to micro USB Cable Only Available for Europe


Apple had announced that more Lightning cables and adapters were forthcoming at a media event on September 12th that debuted the company’s next-generation flagship iPhone 5. In addition to what was announced, Apple also has a small micro USB to Lightning adapter that will allow users to use their existing micro USB cables–which are used […]

Google Looking to Shed Motorola’s Cable Box Business


Google had acquired Motorola’s cable box business when it had begun the process of acquiring Motorola Mobility late last year to the tune of $12.5 billion largely for the smartphone-maker’s patent portfolio. As Google is restructuring its new hardware division, the Android OS-maker will be focusing Motorola’s efforts on creating high-end smartphones, and as such […]

I’m Ready for Apple TV to Shake Up Stale Cable Boxes

Crappy Cable Box

It’s not news that Apple is talking with cable operators and content providers about a new Apple TV capable of delivering Live TV and DVR like functionality. We’ve heard about negotiations over, and over again, but as the last few minutes of Leverage turned into a pixellated muted mess on Time Warner Cable last night I […]

Une Bobine: Incredibly Versatile & Flexible iPhone Cable

Une Bobine iPhone cable

Building a better iPhone cable isn’t easy, but Jon Fawcett and [Fuse]Chicken have invented a better iPhone cable — the Une Bobine. Une Bobine, French for coil, is a flexible gooseneck iPhone cable that keeps the iPhone in an endless number of positions at home, at the office and in the car. One of my […]

Watch Live TV On Your iPad and iPhone for Free – While It Lasts

watch live tv on iPad iphone

Watching Live TV on the iPad and iPhone is a wish of many owners, and the app store offers a number of ways to watch live TV from network and cable channels, but almost all of these apps require a cable subscription. A new web service, iOSLiveTV, skirts the Apple App Store reviewers and offers up […]

Time Warner App Now Streams Cable Shows to iPhone, iPod Touch


After having released an iPad streaming app in March, Time Warner Cable is now allowing its subscribers and iPhone users to stream to their iOS smartphone and iPod Touch PMP. There are still a few restrictions for streaming, however, as you still must be on your home WiFi network–no 3G streaming is allowed yet–and the […]

CableJive dockBoss+ Allows Android to Rock Tunes on iPhone Speaker Docks


If you’ve bought an expensive sound system that connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch dock and decided you want to leave the iOS ecosystem, you can now re-use your speaker accessories with your latest smartphone thanks to a connector accessory. The CableJive dockBoss+ essentially has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port […]

Dish Network Wants to Create 4G LTE Network


Satellite TV provider Dish Network wants to build a mobile broadband 4G LTE network with its existing spectrum, which when it had acquired was earmarked for satellite services. Dish Network wants to better compete with phone and cable companies that are now offering high speed Internet, paid TV offerings, and phone into a package. The […]

Best Apps For Watching Live TV on Android Phones


Watching live TV on your Android tablet is no longer a pipe dream. Thanks to advances by Dish Network and others, you can tune in on demand and Live TV programming on your Android smartphone. Android phones are till trying to catch up to the iPad when it comes to entertainment, which means there aren’t […]