Survey: Smartphones Don’t Totally Dominate Photos, Image Editing Yet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Camera

There’s no doubt that smartphone cameras are getting better and that apps like Instagram, Camera+, Photoshop Touch and other apps for enhancing and sharing photos are extremely popular. However, it turns out that the majority of photo-takers are still loving and using their digital cameras. According to a study conducted by 6sight, people with digital […]

5 Things I Hate About Android


For everything Android does right, there are some things the platform can’t get right to save it’s life. I’ve been an Android user for years, and I still carry an Android device with me almost every day. After spending 6 months using both an iPhone and an Android smartphone I’ve settled on 5 things I […]

Dear Apple: Next Time Upgrade the iPad’s Front-Facing Camera

Next Time Apple, Upgrade the iPad's Front-Facing Camera

When Apple launched the iPad 2, consumers were giddy about the addition of a front-facing and rear camera on the device, something that had been missing on the original iPad. Only, the quality that either camera produced wasn’t very good, leaving many hoping for more from the third rendition of the iPad. Apple, not one […]

iPhone 4S vs. HTC One X: Camera Comparison

iPhone 4S vs. HTC One X: Camera Comparison

The iPhone 4S has one of, if not the best cameras available on a smartphone. And today, the iPhone 4S’ camera has been put up against a camera on one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year, the HTC One X. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC’s Peter Chou actually took […]

Why Android Needs Instagram (And Other Photo Filter Apps)

Picture of Mike with the Kryptonite filter

At first I didn’t understand the appeal of Instagram even though I own a Lomo camera (that I haven’t used in years). Making your pictures look fuzzy and old? Now that I’ve started testing cameras on smartphones and tablets I’m starting to get it more. Even less than great images can look fine with some nice photo filters.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Samples, Specs and Pricing

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon’s finally unveiled the 5D Mark III, its latest full-framed DSLR aimed at photo enthusiasts and professionals. Starting at $3,499, the Canon 5D Mark III packs a 22.3 megapixel sensor, improved low-light performance and enhanced video capabilities. The Canon 5D Mark III looks like a very worthy upgrade from the aging 5D Mark II, which […]

Lytro: Nice Trick, But Not the Camera You Want to Buy

Lytro Camera

The Lytro simply shouldn’t be on your shopping list unless you’re a photo enthusiast with extra money to burn on an extra camera to add to your collection. The Lytro made quite a splash when it was announced because it has a pretty cool trick up its sleeve, but there are simply too many tradeoffs […]

Nikon D800 Pre-Orders Sold Out at Amazon

Nikon D800

The initial batch of Nikon D800 and D800 pre-orders appear to already be sold out at The online retail giant posted pre-order pages for Nikon’s hot new $3,000 DSLR just yesterday. Those who took a day to decide if they were going to pull the trigger are already out of luck. We don’t know […]

Nikon D800: Amazing Sample Video

Nikon D800 D800e

Nikon released an amazing short movie to demonstrate the D800’s video chops. Most Nikon D800 buyers will be ponying up $3,000 primarily for its photo capabilities, but more and more photographers are creating videos for themselves and clients. As you can see in the sample movie, the Nikon D800 doesn’t disappoint and is fully capable […]

Olympus TG-320 Rugged Camera

olympus-rugged-camera 001

Rugged cameras have traditionally been out of reach for the average consumer due to their high prices even though their main features, such as resistance to breakage from short falls and waterproofing, are perfect for vacationing families. Olympus is looking to solve that with their new rugged TG-320, a waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof camera […]

Gift Guide: Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $300


Camera phones turned the world of lower end point-and-shoot cameras upside down, nearly killing off the business (especially for people like the readers of GottaBeMobile who are more likely to have a great smart phone than not). Yet, not all camera phones deliver crisp, high quality images. And even those that do can be a […]

SEAL Team that Took Down Osama bin Laden Has a High Tech Dog

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 1.55.02 PM

It’s well known that the U.S. military has an amazing catalog of technology at its disposal, but I had no idea that our nation’s K-9 defenders were mobile tech geeks. The SEAL team that raided Osama bin Laden brought along a four-legged friend that was likely equipped with some nice mobile gear. According to an […]

HTC Thunderbolt: Camera and Photo Examples

Thunderbolt Camera - Benz wheel (no filter)

The HTC Thunderbolt’s 8MP camera is pretty impressive, at least for a mobile phone. The images shot with the Thunderbolt are crisp and could easily pass as being shot with a point-and-shoot camera, as long as they’re shot with plenty of light. Will the HTC Thunderbolt replace a high-quality point and shoot or DSLR? Absolutely […]

Review of Nikon D7000 with Pete Sampras as Test Subject


This is a quick review of the Nikon D7000, highlighting a real world usage scenario. It’s not an exhaustive look at the D7000, but I hope it gives you a good idea of what it’s like to use this camera if were thinking of buying it to take pictures at sporting events. Last night I […]

Sony Announces 16.41MP Sensor for Mobile Phones


Sony announced two new camera sensors for mobile phones, including one that’s capable of capturing 16.41 mexapixels  per frame. The Exmor R sensors and their accompanying lens modules will begin shipping early next year. Sony claims that it has solved some of the issues of packing tiny pixels (1.12μm) so closely together, but I’m a bit skeptical. More […]

Using my iPhone 4 as a Camera, Replacing my Point & Shoot


I almost always lug around my DSLR when travelling more than a few miles away from home. I often bring it to family functions, out to dinner, weddings and and other events. But as you can imagine, the giant rig isn’t always the right tool for the job and I sometimes substitue my Canon S90, […]

Samsung DualView T225: I think I found my next point and shoot

Photography is my favorite hobby and I lug my Nikon D300 around just about everywhere, but I also carry around a point and shoot camera as backup, to take self-portraits and to hand off to others who aren’t comfortable taking pics with a DSLR. I often use my Canon Powershot at arm’s length to snap […]