Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger Review: Use Smartphone as DSLR Remote

setachi bluetooth smart trigger right

The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger turns an iPhone or Android phone into a remote shutter for Nikon, Canon or Panasonic DSLR cameras. A free app connects the phone over Bluetooth 4.0 and controls the camera via the Smart Trigger connected to the hotshoe, the metal connector on the top of a DSLR camera where one normally connects a […]

Pocketable Canon PowerShot N Is Surprisingly Powerful

Canon PowerShot N 1

At CES Canon announced its new PowerShot N, a very small camera that can fit in almost anyone’s pocket. The new Canon PowerShot N is a small camera that looks like the icon for Instagram with fewer colors. The camera is so small that it doesn’t even have a traditional shutter button. Instead the button […]

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Samples, Specs and Pricing

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon’s finally unveiled the 5D Mark III, its latest full-framed DSLR aimed at photo enthusiasts and professionals. Starting at $3,499, the Canon 5D Mark III packs a 22.3 megapixel sensor, improved low-light performance and enhanced video capabilities. The Canon 5D Mark III looks like a very worthy upgrade from the aging 5D Mark II, which […]

Lytro: Nice Trick, But Not the Camera You Want to Buy

Lytro Camera

The Lytro simply shouldn’t be on your shopping list unless you’re a photo enthusiast with extra money to burn on an extra camera to add to your collection. The Lytro made quite a splash when it was announced because it has a pretty cool trick up its sleeve, but there are simply too many tradeoffs […]

iPhone 4S Camera Comparison: From iPhone to Canon 5DMKII

Macro taken with the iPhone 4S

Apple made a big deal about the new camera packed into the iPhone 4S, and for good reason. We liked what we saw during our iPhone 4S review. While you won’t be replacing your DSLR with the iPhone 4S, it comes close to many point and shoot camera models, especially for the the average user. Camera+, makers […]

iPhone 4 SLR Mount Snaps Best Instagram Photos on the Block

iPhone 4S SLR Lens Mount

Photojojo is offering one of those iPhone 4 accessories that makes a photographer drool and then scratch their head. The iPhone SLR Mount is a special case and lens mount for the iPhone 4 that allows you to connect your expensive (or cheap) SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 for taking the best iPhone 4 […]

Using my iPhone 4 as a Camera, Replacing my Point & Shoot


I almost always lug around my DSLR when travelling more than a few miles away from home. I often bring it to family functions, out to dinner, weddings and and other events. But as you can imagine, the giant rig isn’t always the right tool for the job and I sometimes substitue my Canon S90, […]