HTC M8 Leaks Confirm a Major Change for HTC

HTC One buttons

*+-There is a major change coming to HTC smartphones in 2014 that some may or may not like, at least if the multiple leaks and rumors as of late are accurate. The HTC One’s successor, codenamed the HTC M8, is sounding more and more like an excellent phone with each new set of details we […]

New Pogo Stylus: Sometimes Dumb is Better Than Smart


*+-When it comes to the realm of the iPad Stylus these days everyone is excited about “smart” styli. These smart versions use Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE) to communicate with the iPad and Apps to provide a supposedly better and more controlled experience. Typically this new technology focuses on providing better wrist protection or palm […]

GBM ShortCut: The HardCandy Stylus

GBM ShortCut_ The Hard Candy Stylus

*+-The quest for a good stylus that works with devices using capacitive screens like the iPad continues. But I think I might have found a winner. Previous styli I’ve examined do the trick but they are all relatively short and small. The HardCandy Stylus however feels a bit more like I’m holding a pen in […]

GBM Shortcut: AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens

GBM Shortcut_ AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens | GottaBeMobile

*+-I posted about AGloves a week or so ago. Although I don’t think they are actually for me, AGloves actually do work quite well with capacitive touch screens. I got sent a pair for review and so last night my lovely wife, Thomasin and I gave them a try. You can check that out in […]

A DIY Stylus for Capacitive Screens

Make_ Online _ Collin_s Lab_ DIY iPad Stylus

*+-Collin Cunningham shows how to create a DIY stylus for those capacitive touch screen devices we all know and love. It looks pretty simple if you’ve got some conductive foam at your disposal.