Vogel’s RingO System Mounts iPad to Wall or Car Headrest [Review]


The Vogel’s Ringo iPad 2 Mounting system will put your iPad “anywhere” with a special case that has a round hole in the back fit for the company’s various Ringo mounting solutions. The whole system allows you to use your iPad hands free in home and business locations as well as on the road, where […]

SuperTooth Buddy: A Solid and Simple Bluetooth Speakerphone [Review]


Looking for a no frills Bluetooth speakerphone? The SuperTooth Buddy is a great option: simple, reliable and it lasts. I tested one on my recent Southeastern US road trip and the device impressed me. I don’t look for a speakerphone that can do ¬†things like stream music to my car stereo wirelessly, or even via […]

Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock Review: Great Idea Doesn’t Deliver


More of us using our smart phones in the car for GPS navigation, or just listening to our music. The Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock ($29.95) helps: it keeps your phone or other devices right there, easily accessible, and also provides a USB and DC charging port. Unfortunately this accessory is a great idea that […]