LG Introduces New Smart Cover Cases for Optimus G Pro Smartphone


*+-Apple had popularized the idea of the smart cover for its iPad tablet where magnets placed discretely in the cover flap and the tablet itself can activate the screen when the cover is opened or turn off the display when the cover is closed. The idea has been adopted by Microsoft on its Surface Touch […]

Moshi VersaCover Mini iPad mini Case Review: A Better Smart Cover

moshi versacover origami fold 1

*+-Apple’s own iPad smart cover serves as a stand and wakes the iPad up using the built-in magnets. However it uses a cheaper-feeling material to cover and protect the screen, while leaving the back of the iPad unprotected. The Smart Cover folds up to create a triangle behind the iPad that hold it up in a […]

Holster iPhone 5 with Seidio Active Combo Case Review

SEIDIO Active Case and Holster Back

*+-The Seidio Active Combo case for iPhone 5 plus holster puts an iPhone 5 in an accessible spot: on the user’s hip. The case and holster combination works together to protect an iPhone 5 while still keeping it ready for a quick draw situations, like answering a quick call or firing off a text. The Seidio […]

MapiCases Soli Leather iPad mini Case Review


*+-MapiCases specializes in high-quality leather cases for tablets and smartphones. The Soli Leather iPad mini folio style case comes at a premium price, but offers premium feel and premium leather that won’t leave fans of classic leather enclosures disappointed. Out of the box, the glossy feel of the Soli Leather iPad mini case can surprise. […]

Mophie iPhone 5 Battery Case Spotted on Plane Post-CES


*+-On my plane home from the Consumer Electronics Show, I was fortunate enough to sit next to a distributer who is a partner of Mophie, maker of the popular iPhone battery case. Since the iPhone 5 was released, Mophie had been relatively quiet and coy about when its iPhone 5 battery case would be released […]

PowerSkin Pro Case Packs Large Battery Boost for iPhone 5

PowerSkin Pro

*+-Ask any smartphone user about how their battery life is and more than likely you will hear something like it dies too quickly or that it never makes it through a full day of use. While an unfortunate factor of mobile phones, it is one that we are not going to be getting rid of […]

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case Pumps Out the Jams

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case7

*+-The Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case puts a speaker on the front of the iPad to deliver louder, better quality sound to the iPad without carrying an external speaker. While the built-in speakers are adequate for most users, the iPad isn’t always loud enough for watching a movie, playing a game or enjoying music without […]

New iPhone 5 Case Adds Ultra-Thin Controller and Keyboard

iPhone 5 EX Hyrbid Controller

*+-9To5Mac has the details on a new iPhone 5 case from iPhone5mod that adds a super thin keyboard and game controller to Apple’s latest smartphone. The new case, dubbed the EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5, is a snap-on case with two thin magnetic attachments. The attachments are both just 2mm thick, making the X Hybrid […]

ZAGGkeys Mini 7 Review: The Perfect iPad mini Companion


*+-While many tablets today are more known for their ability to consume content, Zagg is helping to change our perception of touchscreen-only slates to productivity devices thanks to the company’s ingeniously designed keyboards that are specifically made to complement a wide range devices. And the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 extends Zagg’s leadership in crafting well-made keyboard […]

iPad mini Cases: Behind the Scenes at Marware

iPad Mini case

*+-As Apple announced the iPad mini on Tuesday, employees at case maker Marware watched on to see if the company picked the right rumors to listen to as it planned the company’s first iPad mini cases. Like the iPhone 5 launch, leaked images and samples turned out to be close to the final design, good […]

Apple to Stock iPhone 5 Cases Later This Month At Retail Stores


*+-According to insider sources at Apple’s retail operations, the company will begin to stock cases for the iPhone 5 later this month at retail stores. Up until now, Apple has not stocked or made available any cases for the iPhone 5 and consumers looking for added protection to their smartphone have to turn to third-party […]

DIY: Make Your Own iPhone 5 Slim Case With a 3D Printer


*+-If you’ve been searching for a slim iPhone 5 case and nothing out there is fitting your needs, you can try this customized case that you can make at home as part of a do-it-yourself project. All that’s needed for this DIY project is a 3D printer and some patience and you can craft your […]

Element Formula 4 iPhone Case Review

Element iPhone Case Removable Bottom

*+-The Element Formula 4 iPhone case has an amazing blend of functionality, protection and a sense of style. Just by taking a glance at the case it is easy to tell that it is more than the average iPhone case. The Formula 4 has a distinct set of features that make it a great choice […]

Mophie-Style Case Brings Integrated microSD card reader to iPhone


*+-One of the biggest complaints that users have with the iPhone is that you have to choose how much memory you feel your device needs from the moment of purchase as there is no way to add additional storage through removable media such as SD cards. However, that may change thanks to a third-party start-up, […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Hybrid Series USB Case Packs a Flash Drive


*+-Ego & company now offering a new Samsung Galaxy S III case that integrates a USB flash drive in the case. The ego Hybrid Series USB Case comes in a number of colors and protects a user’s Galaxy S III while also providing a flash drive eliminating the need to carry around a separate tiny drive that […]

Acase Superleggera Pro Dual Layer Case for Galaxy S III Review

acase superleggera

*+-For anyone who wants added protection for the Samsung Galaxy S III, take a look at the Acase Superleggera Pro Dual Layer Case. The Acase Superleggera Pro Dual Layer Case gives the user more than an average case. Place the silicone skin on the Samsung Galaxy S III and then cover it with the hard […]

Bling My Thing Milky Way Series Galaxy S III Case Review

bling my thing milky way series case

*+-My white Samsung Galaxy S III looks nice by itself, but some people might want a little more flare, which is where the Bling My Thing Milky Way Series case for the Samsung Galaxy S III comes in. This clear snap on case looks like someone bedazzled the back of the Galaxy S III. On […]

Review: Seidio Active Case for HTC EVO 4G LTE Offers Stylish Protection

photo 1

*+-If you’ve recently purchased an HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone for Sprint’s Now Network and are in search of a case, Seidio’s Active case offers a sporty look and stylish protection for your device. The case comes in two parts–a thin silicone sleeve as well as a metal case to offer more structured and hardened […]

Pixel Skin HD Wrap Review

PixelSkin HD Wrap Review - Typing

*+-The Pixel Skin HD Wrap case from Speck adds stylish protection to the iPad with a number of nice features. The pixellated rubber finish provides added grip and a small amount of shock protection. A latch keeps the front portion of the case closed while in a bag or when carrying the iPad by itself. Speck […]

Cellhelmet iPhone Case Offers Accidental Damage Protection


*+-Sure, you can buy insurance from your iPhone carrier of choice in the U.S. or deal with Apple Geniuses directly through AppleCare or AppleCare Plus, but another option to prevent accidental damage to your phone will be by utilizing a case, which should adequately help with the occasional bump or drop. However one case, Cellhelmet, […]