Apple Announces iPhone 5C Cases for Lower Cost iPhone

apple iphone 5c cases in blue on yellow phone

In Cupertino, CA today Apple held a launch event to announce a new iPhone 5S and a new iPhone 5C. The latter comes at a lower $99 cost and in multiple colors. To protect the new lower cost phone they will offer cases that iPhone buyers can get to cover the device’s plastic backing. The […]

Poetic SlimLine Case for Nexus 7 is Lean and Attractive

poetic slimline case for nexus 7

Does it make sense to put an expensive case on a low-cost device like the Google Nexus 7 2nd generation tablet? We don’t think so, and that’s why we love the Poetic Nexus 7 case for the 2nd generation Nexus 7. While the Poetic SlimLine case doest cost a lot at a bit under $20, […]

Waterfield Designs Outback Tablet Sleeve for Nexus 7 Review

waterfield designs outback tablet sleeve case

The Waterfield Designs Outback Tablet Sleeve for the Google Nexus 7 looks great and does a nice job of keeping the tablet’s screen from breaking or scratching the housing as a user carries it around. It also comes in styles that will fit a ten-inch Nexus 10, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 or a Microsoft […]

Verizon to Launch Limited Edition Galaxy S4 Accessories?


Verizon Wireless may be launching some limited edition cases and accessories for Samsung’s flagship and popular Galaxy S4 smartphone. The accessories may be the latest bid by Verizon to offer its customers more choices and an option to customize their devices. This would be great news as given the popularity of the Galaxy S4, it […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Seidio Accessories to Protect and Charge

seidio desktop charging cradle kit

Seidio made one of our favorite Samsung Galaxy S3 cases. Now they’ve announced cases and charging tools for the Samsung Galaxy S4. These Samsung Galaxy S4 Seidio Accessories are already on sale, and users can pick them up online. In addition to the accessories, keeping the screen of a smartphone free of scratches gets easier […]

Galaxy S4: Why Samsung Should Have Left the Galaxy S3’s Design Untouched

AT&T's Galaxy S4 may be the only one that features 32GB of internal storage.

The hardware design of the Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone from Samsung this year is considered as an evolution in design with subtle tweaks to last year’s Galaxy S3’s design that makes this year flagship more refined. Samsung’s marketing people reluctantly confessed that it’s an evolution, rather than an evolution, and the company has been hammered […]

Pelican’s iPhone 5 Case Vault: Full Metal Jacket


Pelican introduced two new rugged iPhone 5 cases that offer serious protection. Built of aircraft-grade aluminum, the bold water-resistent ProGear CE1180 Vault for iPhone 5 will sell for $79.95 starting April 5. The more subdued Pelican CE1150 ProGear Protector Series iPhone Case will cost $39.95. Pelican is well-known for building large watertight containers for military, scientific and other applications. The […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Show Boxier New Design

Samsung Galaxy S4 cases from China, as discovered at CeBIT.

A new set of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases are on display at CeBIT in Germany this week, which match up with the second set of Galaxy S4 cases we saw earlier this year. The Galaxy S4 cases discovered by MobileGeeks look smaller and more realistically able to fit a Samsung Galaxy S4 than the obscenely large cases we purchased […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Available, But Not Worth the Asking Price

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 inside Galaxy S4 cases.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement is set for March 14th, and case makers are already shipping Galaxy S4 cases, but they aren’t worth the price — even at $5. We saw the first Samsung Galaxy S4 cases appear in mid-February, sporting a Galaxy S3 style design and couldn’t resist ordering three of these Galaxy S4 […]

Do New Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Show the Final Design?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Leak

A second set of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases leaked this morning hinting at a new Galaxy S4 design that swaps the curvy appeal of the Galaxy S3 for a boxier Galaxy S4 design. The new Galaxy S4 cases come from MobileFun, a UK smartphone accessory shop, which claims the cases come from a “trusted Chinese accessory […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Appear as Launch Nears

Galaxy S4 Cases

The first Samsung Galaxy S4 cases are up for sale nearly a month before the expected Galaxy S4 launch. These are not the Galaxy S4 accessories we’ve heard rumored multiple times, but are low-priced Galaxy S4 cases that are likely made using guesswork and estimated sizes. CellJewel offers three different Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, the first of […]

Mophie iPhone 5 Battery Case Spotted on Plane Post-CES


On my plane home from the Consumer Electronics Show, I was fortunate enough to sit next to a distributer who is a partner of Mophie, maker of the popular iPhone battery case. Since the iPhone 5 was released, Mophie had been relatively quiet and coy about when its iPhone 5 battery case would be released […]

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cases

Otterbox Galaxy Note II Case

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is on the way, and users looking for added color and protection will want to find the best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cases to protect their $300 investment. From an OtterBox Galaxy Note 2 case to slimmer stylish cases and skins, here are the best Galaxy Note 2 cases available. The Galaxy […]

Apple to Stock iPhone 5 Cases Later This Month At Retail Stores


According to insider sources at Apple’s retail operations, the company will begin to stock cases for the iPhone 5 later this month at retail stores. Up until now, Apple has not stocked or made available any cases for the iPhone 5 and consumers looking for added protection to their smartphone have to turn to third-party […]

Apple Stores Go Without iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Cases Apple Store

iPhone 5 cases are a hot item as consumers look to protect their new iPhone from scratches, but one place shoppers can’t find any iPhone 5 cases is the Apple Store. For the first time in two years Apple launched an iPhone without an official case. It could be that Apple feels the iPhone 5 […]

DIY: Make Your Own iPhone 5 Slim Case With a 3D Printer


If you’ve been searching for a slim iPhone 5 case and nothing out there is fitting your needs, you can try this customized case that you can make at home as part of a do-it-yourself project. All that’s needed for this DIY project is a 3D printer and some patience and you can craft your […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mophie Battery Case In the Works

Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Taking notice of incredible sales numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smart phone, Mophie, the folks who produce the Juice Pack cases for iPhone, decided to create Mophie Android battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It becomes the first Android phone to get a custom case from the popular battery case maker. The sales of the […]

How To Make a Nexus 7 Smart Cover Case


As I try to go without my iPad in favor of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet, I really miss the iPad Smart Cover that unlocks my iPad by opening the cover. You can make your own Nexus 7 Smart Cover for less than $10 with a case and magnet thanks to a hack I discovered on […]

Review: Seidio Active Case for HTC EVO 4G LTE Offers Stylish Protection

photo 1

If you’ve recently purchased an HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone for Sprint’s Now Network and are in search of a case, Seidio’s Active case offers a sporty look and stylish protection for your device. The case comes in two parts–a thin silicone sleeve as well as a metal case to offer more structured and hardened […]