Trio of OtterBox Cases Arrive for the HTC EVO 3D

OtterBox Cases

OtterBox has announced that it is released three solid case options for Sprint’s newly released WiMax smartphone, the HTC EVO 3D, with the Defender Series Case, Commuter Series Case, and Impact Series Case now available to EVO 3D owners. We absolutely love OtterBox’s iPhone 4 case and we see the HTC EVO 3D cases being […]

iPhone 4 SLR Mount Snaps Best Instagram Photos on the Block

iPhone 4S SLR Lens Mount

Photojojo is offering one of those iPhone 4 accessories that makes a photographer drool and then scratch their head. The iPhone SLR Mount is a special case and lens mount for the iPhone 4 that allows you to connect your expensive (or cheap) SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 for taking the best iPhone 4 […]

Apple TV Case from Waterfield Designs Makes Sense

Waterfield Designs Case for Apple TV

In the category of things I didn’t expect to see, but now realize makes perfect sense, comes the Apple TV Case from Waterfield Designs. According to Heidi, our contact at the company, they’ve been receiving a lot of requests for this kind of product. So they created it. I never would have shopped for a […]

Titanium is the Claim to Fame of $300 iPhone 4 Bumper


Third-party accessory-maker Case-Mate is releasing a $300 iPhone 4 bumper-style case that is machined from a solid chunk of titanium. The metal, which is found on aircrafts, expensive cars, and American Express Black Card charge cards, is durable, strong, while still being lightweight. While the case design is fashioned to look like Apple’s own rubber […]

Old Droid Bionic Cases Showing Up On Store Shelves


Cases for the Motorola Droid Bionic–which was at one point rumored to be among one of the early 4G LTE phone releases for Verizon Wireless–are now making it to retailer store shelves. The problem, however, is that Motorola has publicly admitted to re-designing the Droid Bionic, which may be one of a few reasons causing […]

iPhone 5 Case Suggests Camera Re-Design, Edge-to-Edge Screen


While an analyst had suggested that the next-generation iPhone, to be released this fall, will only be a modest upgrade and will utilize the same iphone 4 form factor but to come with Sprint and T-Mobile support for the U.S. market along with an HSPA+ radio for GSM units, a recent case design leaked case […]

Verizon SF Retail Store Confirms No Droid Charge in Stock


After a couple meetings in San Francisco, California, I walked into a corporate-owned Verizon Wireless retail store near the Union Square shopping district to see what types of accessories, cases, and new devices the store may have on display. After inquiring about a case for the Samsung Droid Charge, I was told that the store […]

AGF Cases for AT&T or Verizon iPhone 4 and Blackberry [Contest]


AGF offers a number of cases for many smartphones including the Apple iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Torch or other Blackberry smartphones. They are one of the many companies to now offer cases compatible with the Verizon iPhone 4, including the iPhone 4 Beetle Case and the Premium Leather Pouch designed for Blackberry devices like […]

iPhone 5 Cases Suggest a Modest Upgrade


Leaked case designs for what is said to be for the iPhone 5 suggests that Apple’s unannounced next-generation flagship smartphone will be a modest upgrade from the iPhone 4. The cases show contours and curves that appear to match the exterior design aesthetics of the iPhone 4 indicating that if the leaked cases are real […]

Review: iPad 2 Smart Cover Hands-On Video


Apple’s Smart Cover accessory for the iPad 2 brings good looks and smart design to the second-generation tablet, but more importantly, the cover case serves a secondary purpose to show off the iPad 2′s industrial design and turn you into a walking product placement machine whenever you walk around with the tablet. The case design […]

Targus iPad 2 Cases Announced


Computer accessory manufacturer Targus is announcing three new iPad 2 cases to be released in conjunction with Apple’s new tablet. The first is the Targus 360° Rotating Stand/Case. What makes this case unique is that with the iPad in the case it will rotate 360° allowing the span portion of the case to be used […]

Apple Offers New Cover for iPad 2 That Solves the Finger Print Issue


One of the big bits of news coming out of the iPad 2 announcement has nothing to do with hardware or software but with an accessory. Apple has addressed two of my biggest complaints about its pretty devices with a new case/cover. Those two complaints have been a small legend around these pages. The first […]

New Galaxy Tab Cases from Waterfield Designs

Tablet Travel Case

Waterfield Designs produces some top-notch gadget cases and its latest models for the Galaxy Tab look like they’re no exception. There are a total of five Waterfield Designs cases that will fit the Galaxy Tab. The SlipCase for the Galaxy Tab looks like  a smart bet for those looking for a compact case. The SlipCase is $29 […]

iPad 2 Case Demoed: Rear Camera & Larger Speaker Are New Features

iPad 2 Leather Case

The folks over at MIC Gadget have received a new leather case, which is said to accommodate Apple’s second-generation iPad, which is still unannounced and unreleased though often rumored. Though the screen resolution of the next iPad revision is still being disputed by various Internet pundits, the screen size is said to be the same–about […]

Do You Make Tech Buying Decisions Based on Accessories?


In our hotel room at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is commencing this week in Las Vegas, NV, editor Josh Smith and I had a discussion on tech accessories for hot technology items, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. For us, it seems that having the available options for accessories help to sweeten the […]

Skooba Intros Pair Of Checkthrough Travel Bags

Skooba Design introduced two new Checkthrough travel bags that allow users to keep their notebooks in their bags when going through airport security checkpoints. The Checkthrough Backpack looks professional and doesn’t scream ‘laptop bag,’ which is a good can help prevent theft. The owner’s notebook is stored in an isolated compartment so it can easily […]