Violent Cell Phone Thefts On the Rise in U.S.

Map of violent cell phone thefts in San Francisco

Smartphone owners should be more wary of their surroundings, especially in major metropolitan areas as cell phone and smartphone thefts are on the rise. But it’s not just cell phone thefts that concerns us, it’s that these thefts are sometimes violent and may come with violent threats. IDG News Service reported that in San Francisco, […]

History of Cellphones: Shrinking Sizes and Prices [Infographic]

Motorola Dynatac

Cell phones have come a long way since the first Motorola Dynatac hit the streets in 1982, eventually making its way to Zac Morris’ backpack, to the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus. Back in 1982, mobility was loosely defined as weighing 2 pounds, being a foot long and a battery capable of 1 hour of talk time. This […]

From Cellphone to Smartphone: 1970 to Present Cell Phone Infographic

history of cell phones infographic

The cell phone has grown (and shrank) plenty since it jumped from science fiction and spy gadgets into the hands of Zack Morris and eventually evolved into a small computer that fits in your pocket. These days we take for granted everything our phones can do and the bargain basement prices, but back in the day, Zack’s hone cost […]