GBM InkShow: Thomasin is Addicted to the HP Mini 1000


I knew when I won the HP Mini 1000 at CntrStg at CES 2009 that I was never really going to get to use it, once I returned home. I also knew that when my wife Thomasin picked it up the first time that my situation was hopeless. After a grueling few weeks of work […]

Warner and Ian Dixon Talk Netbooks on The Media Center Show

The always prolific Ian Dixon from The and I got a few minutes to chat at CES 2009 about Netbooks and UMPCs (or what’s left of them) and did so for a podcast now up on The Media Center Show. The podcast also has an interview with Vidabox’s Steven Chung about the touchpad, bluray […]

HP Mini 1000 6-cell Now Available – for $154!

After we posted up video of’s Xavier Lanier packing a 6-cell battery for the HP Mini 1000, the netbook world went crazy. There was finally proof that a 6-cell battery battery was available for this popular netbook, and it was finally within grasp. Now thanks to the folks at and PortableMonkey, there […]

Asus Eee PC Tablet PC Netbook Demo Video has gotten their hands on a great preview video of what appears to be one of the upcoming Asus Eee PC Tablet PC netbooks.   Asus debuted their T-91 Tablet PC netbooks at CES 2009, and they are expected to be available early this year.   Check out the video to see what Asus […]

Post-CES 2009 Interview With VIA’s Tim Brown


The madness that surrounds CES and our efforts in maximizing coverage with a staff of four means that in-depth interviews are few and far between during the show. We will continue to have follow-up discussions with companies whose products promise to bring significant changes to the mobile computing sector as they become available. In this […]

How About a Water Resistant MID?


Layne Heiny caught up with this interesting Toshiba prototype at CES 2009 showing off a water resistant Mobile Internet Device (MID). I think it is a good thing that Intel is pushing MIDs as devices related to specific categories (navigation, media consumption, browsing, etc…) and that different manufacturers are following Intel’s lead. So, I’m wondering […]

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Checks Out The HP Mini 1000


When I got lucky and won an HP Mini 1000 at CntrStg during CES 2009 I knew I would have a fight on my hands when I got home. After my wife confirmed that I didn’t purchase the device, I knew she would want it for herself. She’s been working on an original Asus Eee […]

CES 2009: Rob’s Thoughts on the Show


It has been widely reported that attendance at CES 2009 was down. While it was much easier to walk around the halls without feeling like you were stuck in a New Your subway, we stayed busier than ever just trying to keep up with everything. There were definitely good products to see and great folks […]

CES 2009: Wrapping up the Smoke and Mirrors


Bang! Zoom! Fireworks! Trumpets blaring! Smoke! Flashing Lights! We bring you magic and excitement but we probably aren’t going to deliver it for awhile yet. We just want you to get really excited, write about it, and maybe, just maybe the economy will turn around sometime in the next few years and we’ll be able […]

CES 2009: Behind the Scenes with GBM


Rob, Truc, Sierra and I had a blast at CES 2009. We did all we could do to bring you the best coverage, and also give you a taste of what CES is all about. We also did our best to have fun. We’re ruthless with each other when it comes to joshing around and […]

CES 2009: Geeks Having Fun Being Geeks


One of the joys in any industry is getting together with like minded folk. At CES we always enjoy meeting those we cover in the industry and those who do the covering. Thanks to CntrStg, we were able to hook up with quite a few folks who we know and admire and also meet new […]

CES 2009: The Asus Story in Convention Floor Real Estate


At CES 2007, Asus could barely be found at the big show. They were in a small meeting room on the second floor of the South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Matt Faulkner and I searched them out to talk about the Asus R2H UMPC and their ultra-mobile plans. The folks manning the […]

CES 2009: Athena Bringing Personality to the Netbook

athena netbook

Rob and I caught up with the folks at Athena, who not only offer Netbooks but offer embedded designs in the covers along with cases. This might be a way to make sure your Netbook stands out from the crowd. Look for a review InkShow soon… Video after the break.

Gear and Blogging in Las Vegas

CES 2009 is over, and man, am I tired! It’s Monday afternoon and I think I’ve finally recharged the batteries enough to be productive again. At the same time that I’m relieved to have it all over with, a little part of me is sad that I can’t continue chasing after the latest and greatest […]

CES 2009 Is a Wrap – Whew…

Every year I attend CES, I get more and more exhausted. Our entire team works like crazy to bring our own special coverage of CES, and I have to tell you – I’m very proud of them all. A huge thanks to Warner, Truc, and Sierra for tirelessly working behind the scenes to uncover every […]

CES 2009: Interview with Chris Lenart, Designer of Motion’s C5 Tablet PC

Lenart Studios Digital Tray

We love the story behind products, and we got just that last week during CES. While we were at CntrStg, we got word that Chris Lenart, the designer of Motion Computing’s C5, was in the house. Chris runs Lenart Studios, a design firm with an impressive list of clients: Fujitsu, Palm, Nike, Motion Computing, Memorex, […]

CES 2009: Heading Home


We’re all exhausted and we’re all headed home way too early in the morning here. I imagine the pages here at GBM will be a bit quieter in the next day or two as we gradually recoup for CES. We had a good trip and enjoyed bringing you the coverage we did. We certainly hope […]

Digifriends MID Makes Appearance At Touch and Tablet Community Meetup

The Tablet PC MVPs hosted the Touch and Tablet Community Meetup at CntrStg this afternoon and representatives from Digifriends paid a visit to the festivities. They didn’t come alone, however, and showed off the Digifriends MID that Jenn from reported seeing at the opening of CES 2009. The device is truly impressive with a […]

Toshiba M750 With Wacom Capacitive Multi-Touch Demoed On Video


Shogmaster came through for us again, this time getting one on one time with a prototype Toshiba M750 Tablet PC running Wacom’s new capacitive touch digitizer. The demo was done using a custom program written to showcase the Wacom capacitive touch. No word on when this might be coming, but it tells us where Toshiba […]