Intel Announces Convertible Classmate Design, Adult Classmate Coming Soon

  I am live at Intel’s press conference announcing new Classmate PC designs, showcasing the vendors bring the Classmate reference design to market. More after the break. Breaking Sierra was speaking with an Intel rep and they told her to expect an announcement on a similar product to the Classmate PC for adults

Fujitsu’s Paul Moore Talks Tablet Trends and Introduces U820 tokidoki Edition

With the exception of dedicated tablet manufacturers like TabletKiosk, Fujitsu was the only major make to have multiple tablet models on display. By mutliple tablet models, I mean distinctly tiered tablets like the UMPC sized U820, the ultraportable T2020, and the powerhouse T5010. Asus’ new T91 and T101 are internally the same with only screen […]

Redfly Provides Software Stack for XP/Vista

I really enjoyed reviewing the Celio Corp Redfly device several months ago. Celio has announced that they are making a software stack available for XP and Vista to allow you to extend your phone to a standard laptop as well. I can see using this when I have no WiFi signal on my netbook. For […]

Splashtop Boot-Up Death Match on Video


I stopped by the Device VM’s Splashtop booth, and we did a head-to-head-head boot up comparison between an Asus M51, HP VooDoo, and Lenovo S10e Netbook – all different machines with different speeds and usage scenarios, but each with an instant boot using Splashtop. Take a look at the the boot results, loading applications, shut […]

CES 2009: The Sony VAIO P500 Hands on Video


Truc and I tracked down The Sony VAIO P500, which is a device that is creating quite the stir at CES 2009. Sony calls it a Lifestyle PC and not a Netbook. I like the feel of the device and the chicklet keyboard has better action than I thought it would, but it was really […]

BugLabs BUG On Hands Video


The BUG from is every geeks dream, essentially legos on steroids. Check out the video demo after the break. You’ll be shocked at what all you can build using the BUG. Available from for $249. Various modules run $59 – $120.

OQO Model 2+ Video Playback Video

The OQO Model 2+ has been a spectacular hit at CES 2009. Rob had an exclusive look at the device earlier in the week where the demonstration showed off a spectacular screen. I got some time with the Model 2+ at the Intel booth yesterday and shot this brief video of the Model 2+ in […]

CES 2009: The Good OS

Here’s a quick video of The Good OS UI that we saw at Lunch at Pieros yesterday. This category of quick startups for Netbooks is not only popular but I’m guessing going to be very competitive. The real test for these developers will be to see who gets OEMs to load these on their devices […]

Hands On Video With PogoPlug

I spent some hands on time with Daniel Putterman, one of the co-founders of PogoPlug, and got him to show me the PogoPlug and how it works. Plug any USB drive into the PogoPlug and then access the data via the web, iPhone app, send photos straight from your iPhone to it, access it via […]

CES 2009: The GiiNii MovIt Android Tablet Video


We tracked down that Android Tablet we’ve all been hearing about, the GiiNii MovIt and this looks like these folks will continue to make some noise with this device on a number of fronts. Small, pocketable, and with a price aiming for $149, I would expect if they follow through we’ll see these in Wal-Marts […]

CES 2009: Story of the Day for Day 1


In the hotels of Las Vegas day blends into night so summing up one day is almost a pointless exercise, especially when we’ve still got video and pictures from Day 1 on the floor that we’ll post up tomorrow which should be Day 2, but might be Day 4. You might need to be here […]

CES 2009: Coby Does Have Netbooks


Coby, Coby, Coby. Well, it doesn’t ring like that famous Cary Grant line but the exasperation is the same. First we hear that Coby is going to be marketing a sub $200 Netbook. Then we get a strong denial. Then here at CES 2009, Coby pops out a display of Netbooks. But catch this, according […]

A Closer Look At The PowerMat Wireless Charging System

GBM reader Harv asked us to take a closer look at the PowerMat Wireless charging system and being the tech junkies we are, we were more than happy to oblige. What we saw at CES 2009 Unveiled was just a scratch on the surface of a technology that inductively shocked us (pun intended). Not only […]

CES 2009: Charging Up Overnight


We don’t get many hours of sleep overnight while we are doing the CES thing, but fortunately we get enough to allow our various devices to charge up. I snapped this picture last night after we had hooked all of our devices up just before we all collapsed into a brief stupor. I think we […]

CES 2009: Crunching Video and Posting with the Lenovo X200T


Power makes a difference when you sit down to crunch and edit some video and then post it up. Thanks to our CES 2009 coverage sponsor Lenovo, some of our team are using Lenovo ThinkPad X200T Tablet PCs and let me tell you when it comes to crunch time, these babies can really fly. Those […]

VIA Introduces Trinity Platform Utilizing Via Nano Processor

VIA is making a big splash this year at CES 2009, culminating in perhaps its most compelling creation to date. The Trinity platform allows for spectacular High Definition video playback using very modest hardware. Gone are the days of massive drains on power and money with what VIA had to show at their Lunch at […]

VIA Subsidiary WonderMedia Introduces Prizm Smartbook


Well, folks, right when we thought the netbook craze has started to stale, VIA storms onto the scene at this year’s CES 2009 with a new device from their WonderMedia subsidiary. This device dubbed the Prizm, runs on a 450MHz ARM processor, has 128MB DDRII SDRAM, 512MB Nandflash, can support up to 16GB SD support, […]

VIA’s Tim Brown Walks Us Through Their Current and Upcoming Lineup


VIA’s Nano is looking to dethrone Intel’s Atom processor as ruler of the netbook world. Tim Brown takes us for a brief tour through the current devices currently available in Asian and European markets and shows us a unique 11.6″ concept netbook that bridges the gap between devices with a small 8.9″ or even 10.2″ […]

The Next “Tablet PC” ?

Let’s see. Full 8.5×11″ readable? Yes. Touchscreen? Yes. Less than 1 pound? Definitely! Note taking capability? Looks like yes. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until next year to get it. This device from Plastic Logic may not have a name yet, but lots of people are very interested already. If anyone still remembers is lovely […]