More on the Samsung Papyrus E-Ink Device


I go the chance to play around with the Samsung Papyrus in the Samsung booth. While the Samsung representatives had absolutely no information about the Papyrus, I was able to find the information management, active digitizer notetaking, and, of course, book reading to be very functional. The pen lag on notetaking was vastly improved over […]

Netbooks, Netbooks, Everywhere


Everywhere you turn at CES, you find another netbook. Pictured at the right are a few netbooks from Changhong. It wasn’t clear if these products are available in the US at all, but they were even more entries into the glutted netbook market.

I’m in Love with the HP Vivienne Tam Netbook


Ah, the joys of finding a shiny, new product that catches my eye. I saw the new HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam at Cntrstg and I have to say – WOW. From a fit, finish, and style viewpoint, this is a gorgeous netbook. Now I’ll grant you, this is 100% a feminine focused netbook, so […]

HP Unveils Their Laptop Design Contest Winner

It is clear from the Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition and their Laptop Design Contest, that HP is taking personal computing very serious. Here is their winner entry from their Laptop Design Contest, designed by a girl in China. Look for products with this design around back-to-school timeframe. Other finalists after the break:

GiiNii Movit Mini Prototype

Small slate tablet wifi internet device. 4.3 inch 480×272 display. Google Android OS. Officially dubbed an MSND: Mobile Social Networking Device.

FirstView’s PC-101 Netbook

Holed up in a non-descript booth I found FirstView Electronics showcasing their 10.2″ and 8.9″ netbooks. They run the Intel Atom 1.6 ghz processor or the Via C7. Oddly, they are running XP Pro. Available in black, pink, green, blue, and silver. $250.


My wife is going to love me for taking this trip. is a media application that collects all the media on your computer and lets you browse, add to your queue, and watch movies from NetFlix on the spot. Boxee does a ton more, is free, open source, and available for download at

The BUG from

The BUG is a collection of modules that snap together and make virtually any gadget you could ever dream up, all open source. Video coming tonight.

Toshiba NB105 Netbook

Toshiba’s also joining the netbook craze with the NB105. The keyboard is about as small as the Lenovo S10’s.

Toshiba Concept Internet Viewers

This was the concept display at the Toshiba booth. All of these devices seem to have a mock display with no details beyond the fact that they are all concepts.

Toshiba Concept Internet Viewers

Toshiba’s Network Stationary. Toshiba touts it as an ultra-slim device that allows for web browsing and syncing with a desktop, allowing instant access to the internet within a case the size of a small paper planner.


NAS couldn’t be simpler than a PogoPlug. Plug any USB drive into the PogoPlug and then access the data via the web, iPhone app, send photos straight from your iPhone to it, access it via ip address, map a drive to it, data safely stored within your network. Video coming later tonight.

VIA Technologies at Lunch at Pieros


Truc will be posting up an interview with the reps from VIA Technologies soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of many of the Netbooks that they had on display at Lunch at Pieros. VIA is trumpeting its Nano Technology which we all know shows promise. Amazing though how many of these devices […]

Viable VPAD

The Viable VPAD is a stand alone VOIP videophone with 10.t inch touch screen; wi-fi; Bluetooth, and two USB ports

Data Locker

This is the Data Locker Pro AES, a platform independent portable hard drive with 256 bit hardware AES encryption.

CES 2009: Netbooks and MIDS at Intel


Intel has a huge range of Netbooks and MIDs on display, many of the MIDs under glass. We’ll be talking with Intel soon, and you can bet we’ll be asking when the MIDs will come out of protective species status and we’ll start to see OEMs begin shipping these things. A number of the MID […]