No threats to the Apple tablet in sight

As impressive as some of the devices shown at CES were, it was clear to me, if Apple does announce a tablet as expected, they won’t have to worry about competition for a while. It wasn’t just that Dell and HP were showing nameless, possibly vaporous prototypes (Dell wouldn’t even commit to theirs ever being […]

CES 2010: What would work better next time

After running through what worked and what didn’t, the next thing I pondered was what I would change and what I’d do to improve it next time (assuming Xavier re-extends the invite and I forget how beat down tired I felt).

CES 2010: What worked and what didn’t


Waiting to board the plane home, half dazed from an exhausting week, I looked back at the week, thinking about my mobile setup at what worked and what didn’t. Here’s what I came up with.

CES 2010: Rubbing elbows


One thing Xavier emphasized repeatedly to our team of CES newbies is to introduce ourselves to our fellow bloggers. Best advise he could have given because it was easily the highlight of the trip.

CES 2010: 14 second with jetBook


Okay, I tried to spend some time with each of the hot eReaders at CES, but there were plenty of others on display, more than I could possibly spend time with. So I decided to pick one other to check out and the one that caught my eye was the jetBook. Unfortunately, I had burnt […]

CES 2010: QUE, the All-Business eReader

The QUE is a stunning eReader. If I had the resources, I’d pick one up today. But if you’re on a budget like me, it is so not for you. Price point for the 3G version is $799. Absolutely crazy for a personal eReader, but it’s not built for personal use; it’s built for high-powered […]

CES 2010: Finally met the enTourage eDGe


I’d seen it on the first day. Handled half-functioning units at other booths. But not until my last day (and first full day on the floor) did I get a full demo of the enTourage eDGe, the eReader I’d been eyeing since learning there was a Wacom Penabled digitizer beneath that e-ink screen. Really hoped […]

CES 2010: Playing with Samsung’s Multitouch Monitor


Had some fun twisting and resizing icons on Samsung’s multitouch monitor. Not quite as much fun as flinging icons on a Microsoft Surface, but it was a good experience. I had some trouble tapping without pushing, but I found it very responsive and easy to tap what I was aiming for. As an interface for […]

CES 2010: Best pen input demo at the show


Samsung really went all out this year at CES with display areas dedicated to all sorts of little details, like the various aspects of their mobile phone platform, and demos that go beyond their field, such as an artist doing caricatures in digital ink.

CES 2010: With Swype, I’m all thumbs

At the Samsung domain at CES, I got a chance to give Swype a quick runthrough on the Omnia II. While the Samsung rep doing the demo was quite adept (though obviously running through a list of words he’d practiced), my one thumb style was Swyping out nothing but gibberish.

ThinkPad X100e: Entry-level Ultraportable

The ThinkPad X100e was announced at CES 2010 and is now the most affordable ThinkPad available. Starting at just $449, the Thinkpad X100e is an ultraportable business users, especially current ThinkPad users, will appreciate. It uses a standard ThinkPad AC adapter, has the no-noncense black ThinkPad ID, TrackPoint and a full-size keyboard. At $449, the […]

CES 2010: eReader orgy

Finishing my first full day on the show floor. One thing I need to get off my mind before I forget is the absurd number of companies making eReaders. Had to narrow down the choices to a select few.

Win a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3!

Lenovo’s made a big splash at CES 2010 with the introduction of its new IdeaPads and ThinkPads. Today we’re going to kick off a giveaway for a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3, the company’s newest netbook. Lenovo and a lot of other companies are taking blogging, Twitter and other forms of social media very seriously these days. […]

CES 2010: Live at Last Gadget Standing


Only hitting one event today. Finally getting to spend serious time on the floor. Live at Last Gadget Standing. Not giving it the full liveblog treatment, just jotting quick notes. Previous LGS have featured HP Touchsmart and Eye-fi. Also meeting up with Josh and Amy here.

CES 2010: At the Wacom booth

Finally! We found the Wacom booth at CES and put our hands (and pen) on several products, including a Fujitsu Tablet PC. Not having the best luck with using multi-touch and pen simultaneously. Will definitely need to keep touch turned off for most of my usage.

CES 2010: eDGe, Alex and more eReaders from Marvell

We got our hands on the latest eReaders at the Marvell booth. The enTourage eDGe and Alex from Spring Design were both there. Amy shares her thoughts on the Alex. I spill ink on the enTourage eDGe Wacom Penabled e-ink screen with its included stylus, as well as mine, and determine if it is pressure-sensitive.

CES 2010: We <3 Speck and Dancing Amy

Speck Products got the hook up! You need a giant bag to store your entire mobile office? Speck! Want beer, Jolly Rancher and Laffy Taffy? Speck! Want to dance, dance, dance? Speck! Amy talks about her bag problem in video one. We marvel at the games and goodies at the Speck booth, and yes, there […]

CES 2010: Paper boat race on the S10 Blade

So I guess I owe Rob an apology for making fun of his crushing paper boats in his Microsoft Touch Pack demo. Amy and I gave it a go on the Viliv S10 Blade, and I sucked. In my defense, I wasn’t getting a lot of touch love on my side of the screen, and […]