SAP Playing with Fire…and Other Consumer Tablets

Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 12.25.15 PM

AP, the giant enterprise software company from Germnay, isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think about potential Kindle Fire customers, but its CIO was playing with one when I met up with him at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. We chatted about why more and more consumer devices are making it […]

Verizon ZTE Jetpack Hands-On (Video)

ZTE Jetpack Front_H4web

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Verizon Wireless had announced two new mobile hotspots for its 4G LTE network to allow WiFi devices to connect to fast mobile broadband speeds. Both devices are named Jetpack, and one of them is made by Novatel in the form of the MiFi, which we had previewed earlier, and the […]

Motorola’s MOTOLUXE Hands-On Video


Though Motorola’s latest MOTOLUXE handset won’t be targeted at the U.S. market, we did get a chance to catch up with the company’s mid-range offering, which we’re hearing will retail for about $400 without a contract. Unlike Motorola’s super slim Droid RAZR or dual-core powerhouses like the Droid Bionic, the MOTOLUXE offers more pedestrian hardware […]

Golden-i Head-Mounted Wearable PC Hands-On Video


At the Consumer Electronics Show, we visited the Verizon Wireless booth to take a gander at Motorola Solutions new Golden-i headset, which is a head-mounted wearable PC. The device is geared at vertical markets, and its use can span multiple industries including law enforcement, medical, and other fields. Essentially, the headset comprises of several components. […]

Win a ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo and GBM

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Have you been craving a new tablet? Perhaps you want an Android tablet that you can use at work now that your kid or significant other has commandeered your iPad to play Angry Birds. If so, you’ll want to enter for a chance to win the ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo. This tablet can play Angry […]

5 Kindle Fire Alternatives


When the Kindle Fire debuted last year analysts predicted that the tablet’s $199 price tag would initiate a race to the bottom on tablet prices. That prediction proved prescient at this year’s CES where we saw several high-profile Android tablets priced between $179 and $249. Unlike the Kindle Fire and it’s arch nemesis the Nook […]

IdeaTab S2 Tablet and Keyboard Dock Hands On Video

Ideatab S2110

The market for 10 inch tablets is pretty crowded, but Lenovo hopes that the IdeaTab S2 can standout with a custom Ice Cream Sandwich interface and a locking keyboard dock. The IdeaTab S2110 as you’ll see it called online, measures under 9mm thick and offers a clean design. This second generation IdeaTab tablet shows a […]

Doppler on Wheels: Rugged Mobile Tech at its Finest

Doppler on Wheels - Lenovo

We met what has to be one of the most extreme mobile tech users in the world at CES 2012. Josh Wurman’s team drives Doppler on Wheels (DOW) trucks into storms with a team of researchers and a cabin filled to the brim with mobile technology. He explained to us that the best way to […]

Microsoft, Nokia, & EA Mobile Bringing New Games to Windows Phone


Here’s some information on some games that Microsoft is teasing for Windows Phone. I have to assume games I will list below are coming in February since the post on the Windows Phone Team’s blog says, “Must Have Games for February”. The following games were announced by Microsoft on the Windows Phone Team Blog: Need for […]

Sony XPERIA S (Video)


In addition to announcing the XPERIA Ion for AT&T, Sony had also shown off the XPERIA S. Both phones share very similar traits, though the XPERIA S has a smaller screen at 4.3-inch with the same 720p HD display as its larger brother. The XPERIA S is a GSM 3G/HSPA phone that will be sold […]

Skype Confirmed for Windows Phone


Microsoft: Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon Yesterday, Hillel Fuld wrote an interesting article on Business Insider titled, “Here’s Why Robert Scoble And The Rest Of The Pundits Are Wrong: Windows Phone Will Be A Success“. This article stems from all the negative vibes that Scoble has been putting out about Windows Phone. Hillel goes […]

LG on the Fence Still With Intel Medfield Phones, Tablets

LG Proof-of-Concept Medfield GW990 Phone with Moblin OS.

Phone- and tablet-maker LG is still undecided about the prospect of utilizing Intel’s mobile Medfield chipset on its smartphones and tablets. LG has previously been using ARM-based processors on its devices, and the switch to Intel’s Atom-based Medfield CPU is still up in the air right now despite the fact that LG was among the […]

AT&T Sony XPERIA Ion 4G LTE Android Smartphone Hands-On (Video)


At CES 2012, we got to spend some time with Sony and check out the Sony XPERIA Ion smartphone, which is destined for AT&T’s 4G LTE network. While the phone is 4G compatible, it could also be used on GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ networks as well where LTE isn’t yet available on AT&T. The device retains Sony Ericsson’s […]

CES 2012: Five Things I Can’t Wait to See


Our team did a great job of covering CES 2012 and picked some awesome new gadgets, notebooks, smartphones and tablets as the Best of CES 2012 this year. Since I couldn’t make it to the show this year I had to drool from the foothills of North Carolina as the gang enjoyed getting their paws […]

Best of CES 2012: iCade Mobile iPhone Gaming Accessory

iCade Mobile iPhone gaming accessory

Mobile gaming nerds rejoiced last year when ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s arcade cabinet for the iPad became a real product thanks to the folks at Ion Audio. Now they’re bringing the concept to everyone’s favorite mobile gaming device: the iPhone. The iCade Mobile fits all models of the iPhone and the iPod touch. Just like the […]

Asus Transformer Prime 700 Hands-On Video

Asus Transformer Prime 700

In addition to the Asus Eee Pad MeMO, we were also able to spend some time with the upcoming Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime 700 which will be a high-end edition of the current Transformer Prime Android Android 4.0 tablet. So what’s so different about it? Let’s take a look. The new 700 series looks […]

Best of CES 2012


The GottaBeMobile team has been roaming Las Vegas for the past week checking out the best that CES 2012 has to offer. And while we have seen a ton of great new gear, there have certainly been a handful of devices that stand above the rest. What you’ll find here are the gadgets and gizmos […]

Fujitsu Arrows Waterproof Android Smartphone Hands-On

Fujitsu Arrow Smartphone

Fujitsu made a splash at CES 2012 with their new Arrows line of tablets and smartphones. You can submerge the Fujitsu Arrows Waterproof Android Smartphone under water for up to 30 minutes at about 5 feet deep. So if your phone slips out of the pocket into a puddle or the stall as you … […]