HTC Titan II for AT&T Hands-on Video


Earlier today, Chuong and I attended the 2012 AT&T Developer Summit where AT&T’s Ralph de le Vega and HTC’s Peter Chou announced the HTC Titan II. The Titan II is one of the 1st LTE Windows Phone devices announced to run on AT&T’s LTE network. The HTC Titan II has a 4.7 screen, it features […]

Nokia Announces Lumia 900 for AT&T LTE


Today in Las Vegas at a press conference, Nokia announced the Lumia 900 which was teased at the AT&T Developer summit earlier in the day. The Lumia 900 joins the HTC Titan II as the only Windows Phone 7 devices in the US to operate on AT’&T’s LTE network. Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop was joined […]

Nokia Confirms LTE Windows Phone for AT&T

Nokia_logo2 Large

Without giving much details away until its own official press conference later this afternoon as the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off, Nokia head Stephen Elop took the stage at AT&T’s Developer Summit to announce that it has exciting plans for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. Together with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T Mobility head […]

Sprint Announces 3 New 4G LTE Devices as Part of Network Vision


Sprint announced three new 4G LTE devices as CES kicks off. The carrier, which has in the past operated on rival 4G WiMax technology, is now beginning its transition to LTE technology as part of its Network Vision strategy to offer customers more robust and faster mobile broadband speeds, which will allow faster downloads and […]

Ultrabook Slider Concept Converts to a Tablet in Seconds (Video)

Ultrabook Slider Flat

Intel showed off the Ultrabook at CES 2012, with a focus on changing the computing experience for all users. One of the notable concepts that Intel showed off is the Slider or Convertible Tablet PC. These aren’t new, as we’ve seen a Samsung Sliding computer last year, but with the next generation of Intel Core […]

Nikiski UltraBook Concept: Intel’s Stunning New Transparent Laptop (Video)

When closed, you can access your display using Windows 8 tiles and apps.

During its CES 2012 press conference today, Intel took us on a tour of what might just be the future of the Ultrabook. That future is something the company calls ‘Nikiski’ and it’s a concept that replaces your normal trackpad, with a transparent touchpad, that can double as a gorgeous touchscreen when the Ultrabook is […]

OLPC XO 3.0 Tablet Hands-On Video (CES 2012)


At CES 2012, we got our first look at the new OLPC XO 3.0 tablet from the One Laptop Per Child program. This tablet isn’t going to compete with the Kindle Fire or the iPad 2. Instead, it is aimed at bringing computing power to children in developing countries. The OLPC X0 3.0 has a Marvell chip […]

How to Watch the Great CES 2012 Circus


The bloggers are ready. The gadget hawkers are ready. Everyone is primed to push forward what we’re going to be buying this year and especially next holiday season. CES 2012 is underway and there will be more words written about new gadgets, new technology, and new promises than we can consume in a  month of […]

CES 2012 – Nokia Going All Out on Windows Phone


There is no doubt that this marriage between Microsoft and Nokia seems, on the exterior, to be doing well. Microsoft is spending a ton of marketing money with all the Mango launch parties over the last couple months. Microsoft and partners are pledging to spend $200 Million For Windows Phone Marketing in 2012. Brand awareness and […]

Motorola Teases Wireless Power Charging Pre-CES


We’re not quite sure what Motorola has going on for CES just yet, but the company has just released a charger that sheds a single tear. Hopefully that means that Moto’s phones can be powered longer while away from your nearest wall outlet. You can check out the teaser video below: Previous speculations have it […]

Corning to Unveil Next-Gen Gorilla Glass 2 at CES


Corning’s Gorilla Glass has become somewhat synonymous with the touchscreen smartphone and tablet market. Thanks to its durability, manufacturers of mobile devices have marketed their devices to include Gorilla Glass in the past, and quite a few consumers are aware of the durable glass for touchscreens and know the brand by name. Well, Corning isn’t quite sitting […]

Toshiba Promises Thinnest, Lightest Tablet, Ultrabook for CES


Mobile road warriors, Toshiba is looking squarely at you with some pre-CES announcements. The Japanese computer-maker is looking to use the Consumer Electronics Show, which will kick off next week, to announce the thinnest and lightest tablet and an ultrabook. The tablet, which will have a 10.1-inch display, will run on Google’s Android operating system, […]

AT&T to Show Qualcomm-Powered Windows 8 LTE Tablet at CES?

Windows 8 UI

Word on the street is that AT&T, which is growing its 4G LTE footprint, will be showcasing a Microsoft tablet that is running Windows 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show. While Microsoft had previously demoed Windows 8 on a reference Samsung tablet, this tablet that is speculated to be hawked by AT&T will be powered […]

Intel, LG to Introduce Medfield-Powered Smartphone at CES


In a short week, Intel and LG are set to introduce a smartphone powered by the former’s Mefield chipset. The resulting consumer smartphone is expected to ship in March. According to 9to5 Google, Intel Korea head had told the Korean Times that “Intel’s chief executive Paul Otellini will release Intel’s first Android smartphone using our […]

Nokia Lumia 900 (Ace) on AT&T in March, Lumia 710 on Verizon in April?


Following on rumors of LTE-capable HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel models running Windows Phone in 2012, we’re also now hearing about Nokia’s LTE plans with its Nokia Ace smartphone, a device that may be released as the high-end Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S. According to Paul Thurrot, official LTE plans may be unveiled at […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Rumor Roundup: Features, Release Date, Carriers

Lumia 900

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just around the corner in January, rumors are heating up about what, if anything, Nokia will be announcing at the show. We already know that the company will be launching its Windows Phone-powered Lumia 710 on T-Mobile in the beginning of January but whispers seem to point to another […]

What’s Your Next Gadget’s Killer Feature?

killer features

Smartphones are evolving at a rapid pace, and as CES 2012 approaches, I’m excited to see what manufacturers bring to the event. In just 2 months, we’ll have a look at the devices that will attempt to make their mark on 2012. Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and hundreds of others will flood Las Vegas with new […]