HTC Freestyle Wants to be a Smartphone (Video)


The HTC Freestyle is a phone with a well-made design by HTC made for AT&T, which runs the Brew MP platform rather than the Android or Windows Phone 7 OS. As a phone, the Freestyle really goes freestyle and does its own thing rather than going with a conventional smartphone operating system. That said, the […]

Quick Review: Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Burns Rubber!


Blazing fast speeds and modest promises help to boost Verizon Wireless’s claim that it is the fastest, most advanced 4G network in America. At its 4G LTE press conference, Verizon Wireless was modest about boasting about its 4G network. The carrier says that it is on track or even ahead of schedule in its network […]

Sharp Galapagos E-Reader Tablet to Take on Nook Color


Sharp’s Galapagos brand e-reader tablet comes in two different different screen sizes: 5.5- and 10.8-inch. Sharp isn’t disclosing what operating system the tablets were running at CES, but the company did give us a demo of the 5.5-inch version on video at the show. The device has a 3D-cube user interface, a trackball for navigating, […]

LG Hopes You’ll Replace Home Gaming Console with Optimus 2X (Video)


With smartphones already replacing stand-alone GPS units, digital cameras, low-cost digital video cameras, PDAs, and other peripherals as those functions are now good enough and well integrated into a smartphone to use, LG is hoping to take that further and have users replace their home video game console systems with its powerful NVIDIA dual-core gigahertz […]

Sharp Galapagos Android 3D Glasses-Free Smartphone Demo (Video)


I was excited to hear that Sharp would be bringing its Galapagos line of smartphones to the U.S. market, and at CES we were able to get a hands-on demo to see what the fuss was all about with the glasses-free 3D experience. I came away pretty impressed, as users of the Galapagos glasses-free 3D […]

Evernote on Android: Confusion Uploaded

Evernote notification android 2

While at CES 2011 looking up notebooks and laptops for I’ve been using Evernote more than normal on my Android device and it’s proven to be an incredible tool, but the upload process on Android has given me a scare on multiple occasions. The latest Evernote upgrade for Android brought about many improvements and […]

Verizon Announces 4G LTE HP Pavilion Notebook, Compaq Netbook, MiFi

Compaq Mini CQ10-688nr_front open

In addition to Verizon’s announcements of a number of smartphones from HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung, the carrier also announced a laptop, a netbook, two tablets, and a MiFi unit that does dual-mode 3G/4G. The notebook comes by way of HP via the company’s Pavilion model. The HP Pavilion dm1, though not demoed at the […]

ArtRage for iPad Demo at CES 2011


ArtRage is showing off its painting applications at CES. While the best I can manage to draw on an iPad is something that resembles a first grader’s finger painting, some artists can create some really good looking stuff. Here’s a photo of ArtRage for iPad in action at CES 2011. As I watched the artist […]

Giveaway from CES: Win a Lenovo IdeaPad u260


Here at CES Lenovo is announcing some really cool products for consumers and business users with new AMD Fusion APUs and Intel Sandy Bridge processors. They even have a laptop that boots faster than a MacBook Air. Lenovo is the official sponsor of and GottaBeMobile at CES and has provided us with two of their Lenovo IdeaPad […]

Fujitsu Robotic Teddy Bear with AI Helps to Keep Elderly Company


Fujitsu brought a teddy bear, a working concept for the company, aimed at keeping the elderly and aging population of Japan company. As a companion device, this teddy bear is more fuzzy and welcoming, with its softer materials, than the harsh metal terminator-style look of Sony’s old Aibo dog. The teddy bear has a number […]

Hands On with Novatel MiFi 3G/4G from Sprint, Verizon


Though the MiFi mobile hotspot router devices have been announced for 4G networks for Sprint and Verizon Wireless in the U.S., neither model are available yet–Verizon Wireless says its 3G/4G LTE model will launch in the first half of 2011 while Sprint says its 3G/4G WiMax model is coming February for $50. We did have […]

LG Revolution Brings Verizon’s 4G LTE Revolution to Android Smartphones


Verizon Wireless had earlier today announced the 4G LTE LG Revolution smartphone, which the company says uses an “LG chip” as a processor. If true, it looks like LG may be joining the mobile CPU arms race for ARM-powered processors, joining heavyweights like Samsung, TI, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Marvell. Like the other 4G LTE phones […]

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE Android Smartphone Goes Official (Video)


At the 4G press conference today, U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless made the HTC Thunderbolt official as a 4G smartphone for its emerging LTE network, which will launch during the first half of 2011. The phone will have a 4.3-inch display with Dolby surround sound speakers, kickstand, front- and rear-facing camera, and mobile hotspot capabilities. As […]

Verizon Announces 10 New 4G LTE Devices for 1H 2011 (Video)


Verizon Wireless had gone on to announce ten new 4G LTE consumer products for its emerging 4G network, to be released in the first half of 2011. Those devices include a laptop, netbook, MiFi router, Samsung router, smartphones, and tablets. Check out the video below, which samples some of the new products in the carrier’s […]

Samsung 4G LTE Android Smartphone for Verizon Previewed (Video)


Though the device is said to not be finalized yet, Samsung and Verizon Wireless were previewing the Samsung 4G LTE Android smartphone–the hardware doesn’t have a consumer-release name yet–at the 4G press conference at CES. The device will feature a bright, crisp Super AMOLED Plus display measuring 4.3 inches along with deep integration with Skype […]