New Technology Allows Battery to Last 10 Times Longer on Single Charge


Think that your smartphone’s one-day battery life before it requires a recharge to be pathetic? Well, how about a phone that lasts for ten days, or ten times today’s battery charge, before requiring a recharge? Northwestern University researchers have developed a lithium-ion electrode that will allow today’s Li-ion batteries to hold 10 times the charge […]

Why I Love Yellow USB Ports (Sleep and Charge)

Yellow USB port charging

This week I have been working in all kinds of places, which means I am spending more time than normal on my ThunderBolt, which translates into horrible battery life. Thankfully the little yellow USB ports on several review notebooks have saved the day. The yellow USB port is becoming fairly common on new computers. It […]

Your Next Email Could Charge Your Phone

iPhone Tap to Charge

Battery life remains a major issue for smartphones, especially 4G smartphones, but new technology being worked on at RMIT in Australia could turn your next email or text message into power for your phone. Research has already figured out a means of turning mechanical pressure, like a button press, into electricity. This is achieved with a thin […]

Verizon Droid Charge Review (Video)


The Samsung Droid Charge is released as the second 4G LTE Android smartphone on Verizon Wireless and has many similar features to the HTC Thunderbolt, and is in many ways a direct competitor to large 4.3-inch smartphones with blazing fast 4G data speeds. And while there are many similarities between the Droid Charge and the […]

More Droid Charge Accessories Appear in Stores


Ahead of the official launch date of the Droid Charge on April 28th, official accessories for the Samsung-made, Droid-branded 4G LTE Android smartphone have begun showing up at Verizon Wireless stores. Those accessories include a multimedia dock, a car mount, and also a holster and case combo with a kickstand. The Droid Charge multimedia dock […]