Moto G2 Release: 5 Things You Need to Know


Motorola is holding an event on September 4th where we expect the company to unveil an array of new devices, including the Moto X+1, a new Moto G2, and of course the highly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch. With the Moto event quickly approaching and most the attention being on the other two devices mentioned above, […]

Best Cheap Android Smartphones [August, 2014]


If you’re in the market for an affordable smartphone this summer, you have a lot of options. From the aging iPhone 5, Windows Phone devices, and of course Android. There are many expensive flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or new LG G3, and budget devices like the popular Moto G. Those trying to […]

Best Cheap Android Tablets


When it comes to picking out a new Android tablet consumers have a lot of choices, and making a decision isn’t going to be easy. This is especially true for the average buyer that doesn’t keep up with the latest and greatest device announcements, or know about budget options that get released throughout the year. […]

Best Cheap Android Smartphones [July, 2014]


Users in the market for a smartphone in 2014 have a wide array of options. From the iPhone 5s, Windows Phone devices, and of course Android. There are expensive flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or all aluminum HTC One M8, and budget devices like the popular Moto G. Consumers looking to pick up […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Arrives as Just Another Cheap Tablet


As the year was winding down in 2013 we started to see signs that Samsung was preparing another round of tablets for the new year, only they had low-cost ideas in mind. After announcing a slew of impressive high-end tablets at CES with the Galaxy Tab Pro series, we’re now getting the details on the […]

High Gas Prices Drive Consumers to iPhone Apps for Cheap Gas

Gas Prices Spike

The cost of gas spiked up 20 cents per gallon in California, and throughout the U.S. gas prices are up, pushing consumers to find cheaper gas with iPhone apps. In California, AAA’s Daily Fuel Report reports the average price of gas is $4.49, and the U.S. average price for a gallon of regular is $3.79. […]

iPhone 3GS to Hit Even Lower Price Point Once iPhone 5 Debuts


Apple is said to be keeping its iPhone 3GS alive and kicking even after the next-generation iPhone debuts later this year. It’s unclear what nomenclature Apple will give its newest iPhone, but for the purpose of this post we shall refer to that device as the iPhone 5. In the past, when a new iPhone […]

Save Money By NOT Buying Cheap Products


Yesterday LifeHacker posted a list of 10 things people do to save money that ends up costing them more. Number 5 on the list will be familiar to regular readers of this blog: don’t buy cheap products to save money. The advice bears repeating. This is true for almost any type of product, but I […]

Dollar Store iPhone and iPad Accessory Deals

Dollar Store iPhone and iPad Deals

The iPhone and iPad are known for having high priced accessories, but if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to accessorize your iPhone, you need look no farther than the dollar store. On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, a bargain shopping staple in the Midwest, I found a collection of iPhone and […]

Woot Selling Refurbished XOOMs for $400 (Today Only)

xoom at woot

If you’re in the market for a Honeycomb-running Android tablet but don’t want to fork over $500 or more, online retailer Woot! is offering the WiFi-only version of the Motorola XOOM for $399.99. With the Android 3.2 update rolling out to the XOOM, the tablet – which was plagued by a buggy version of Honeycomb […]

Amazon Giving Away Apps, Music, & eBooks With Android Purchases

amazon wireless promo

Amazon’s phone and tablet center, Amazon Wireless, is offering an extra incentive to buy your next Android phone or tablet from them. The retailer will throw in $15 worth of vouchers for purchases in the Amazon Appstore, Amazon MP3, and the Kindle store. Good from now through October, buyers will get $5 to use  for […]

What Makes Laptops and Netbooks Look Cheap?


Over the years I”ve had a chance to go hands on with hundreds of mobile devices, too may of which look and feel cheap. I generally only plunk down hard-earned cash when a computer or any other gadget is well-built. Manufactures can throw all the gigabytes, megahertz and megapixels in the spec sheets that they […]

Make it or Buy it?


Very little brings me the joy that’s experienced when a few pennies are pinched, dimes are saved, and dollars stay in my wallet.  A couple money saving projects I’ve completed this summer have been inspired by great do it yourself (DIY) web sites and articles that I have come across. The first summer cost-saving endeavor […]