5 iPhone Apps to Save Hundreds on College Textbooks

Course Smart

*+-The price of college is a stretch for many, and the cost of college textbooks is just as much of a stretch. As a first year college student I am quickly realizing what it is like to live the life of a financially stretched individual. After paying tuition, room and board and other fees I still […]

Amazon TextBook Rentals Launch, Can They Compete

kindle textbook rentals

*+-Amazon just took another bite out of the remaining college bookstores, with the announcement of the Kindle Textbook Rental program. The new way to get the textbooks students need at a fraction of the price. Can Amazon convince students to ditch their paper textbooks and jump from the current digital textbook front-runner CourseSmart? The Kindle Textbook […]

Renting College Textbooks: Is This an Opening for Tablet PCs?


*+-In an article about Sequoia Capital’s view on the souring tech economy there’s an interesting mention of a company called Chegg, that is supposedly the nation’s #1 textbook rental company. Not only do the rent textbooks to students they plant a tree for every textbook you sell to them as they also buy your books […]