HTC Announces Stunning Smartphone with NFC


HTC announced a smartphone for the Chinese market called the HTC Stunning, which will run Google’s Android operating system and come with embedded near field communications, or NFC, chip to enable applications such as digital wallet and mobile payments like on the Samsung-made Google Nexus S. The device is expected to arrive in September and […]

Domino+ Adds Some Curves to Motorola’s Android Hardware Design

dom2 The Motorola Domino+ is quite possibly the cutest Android smartphone weve ever laid our eyes on

Though the Domino+ is a China release at this time, the smartphone shows that Motorola is capable of straying away from its hard-lined design approach when it comes to designing Android smartphone hardware. For a company that’s been infamously linked to sharp edges, lines, and angles from the RAZR and Droid eras, the Domino+ looks […]

Dell Streak 10 Pro Poses for Picture Before China Release This Week


Dell will be rounding out its Android-powered Streak lineup with a 10-inch Streak Pro launching in China later this week. The device was pictured with the 5- and 7-inch Streak tablets and shows that the 10-inch model will be running Android Honeycomb upon launch. It’s unclear if and when Dell intends on making the Streak […]

Apple’s “Hard-to-get” Approach Paying Off in China Too

apple great wall

Apple fever isn’t exclusive to the US and Europe. China – yes, the same China in which those brilliantly fake Apple stores popped up – is just crazy about Apple. They’re so crazy about Cupertino that (as the New York Times reports) the four official retail stores Apple currently has in China can’t keep up […]

Fake Apple Stores in China Take Knockoffs to Another Level


It looks like the Smart Cover knockoffs that a company associated with Samsung aren’t the only thing Apple’s lawyers should be looking into. This bit of KIRF (pointed out by Bird Abroad) is so egregious, it makes a Chinese eBay store look like a model for originality and innovation. This revolutionary bit of clonery: fake Apple […]

Two New Mobile Operating Systems/Platforms Coming Out of China


In addition to the major modern smartphone OSes today–iOS, Android, webOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, MeeGo, and Samsung’s Bada–two new players in China will be emerging with their own smartphone operating systems soon to compete with the established players. One group, Alibaba, is planning on introducing its own cloud-based OS. Unlike Google’s Android–which relies on […]

Motorola Launches Milestone 3 in China, U.S. Awaits Droid 3

Motorola Milestone 3

Motorola has launched the Milestone 3, known to those in the United States as the Motorola Droid 3, in China which means that a release in the U.S. should be right around the corner. The new Droid, as expected, is thinner and faster than its predecessor and it apparently will pack a Tegra 2 processor […]

Boy Sells Kidney to Buy iPad 2, Immediately Regrets It

iPad 2

According to the Shanghai Daily, a Chinese boy sold his kidney for 20,000 yuan ($3085) in an effort to purchase Apple’s latest and greatest hardware, the iPad 2. Almost immediately after selling his organ, his health began to deteriorate leading him to regret his decision. The story goes like this. The boy wanted an iPad […]

A Look at Shenzhen’s Cell “Phonie” Industry

On top of housing Foxconn’s manufacturing facility and pushing an occasional iPhone 5 rumor, Shenzhen has developed a reputation as the world’s center for fake phones. A bustling economy has developed in the Chinese city from imitators selling cheap replicas of popular cell phones. Though many of the phones attempt to mimic specific devices (such as the iPhone […]

Nokia to Conquer China’s High-End Smartphone Market with Nokia T7

t7 Images of the Nokia T7 00 leak, its the N8 with an 8 megapixel camera and Chinese 3G

New images of the Nokia T7 have emerged showing a device that resembles the flagship Nokia N8, which I love, but with slight differences made for the huge Chinese market. The Nokia T7 will eschew Nokia’s Carl Zeiss autofocus 12-megapixel camera with mechanical shutter in favor of an 8-megapixel camera, similar to that found on […]

Google Takes Tough Tack with China after Cyber Attack

Google is threatening that it will stop censoring search results in China, even if means that it may have to cease operations in that country following what they call a very serious cyber attack from China, obviously trying to ferret out info on Chinese dissidents. Here’s a quote from David Drummond, SVP, Corporate Development and […]