Google Enlists Windows Apps in War on Microsoft

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So far, one of the biggest obstacles to Google’s Chrome OS has been the ridiculously large amount of enterprise applications that are only available to desktops and laptops running Microsoft’s Windows ecosystem. That advantage could be a thing of the past soon, however. Google announced is teaming up with VMWare to bring Windows app compatibility […]

Chrome Stops Being Coy, Now Includes Integrated App Launcher & UI


Many industry insiders hypothesized that it was only a matter of time before Chrome, the Google built web browser for users who don’t like Firefox or Internet Explorer, would try to make a play at completely encapsulating users in the Google experience. As of today’s release of Chrome, they were right. Starting with today’s update […]

Chrome Apps Now Seamlessly Infiltrating Mac OS Too

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Google isn’t leaving Microsoft and Apple a lot of breathing room when it comes to infiltrating the traditional PC market. Just two months after it announced a new generation of offline apps that use its Chrome browser technology, Google is making it easier for Mac users to enjoy its apps there as well. Google announced […]

Chrome Will Act As a Trojan Horse Against Windows Dominance

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Not even Microsoft’s Metro environment for Windows 8 is safe from Google Apps. At least, that’s if the company ever officially releases the changes it’s made to the Chrome Web Browser. New builds of the Chrome Web Browser released to expert users over the last few weeks, seem to exploit one of the loop holes for […]

New Chrome Apps Are Google’s Best Shot at Replacing Windows & Mac

The Pixlr Touch Up image editor uses Chrome App's new technologies.

In a move that turns the traditional computing market on it’s head, Google is choosing the fifth anniversary of its Chrome Web Browser to announce a new development platform that will bring fully featured applications outside of it’s web browser. Google detailed the new type of Chrome Apps in a blog post this morning. According […]