How to Take Control of Text Size in Chrome for The Nexus 7

Chrome Text Size Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is quickly becoming my go to browsing tablet, which is no surprise considering how easy it is to take anywhere. But, the smaller display means that I often need to zoom in further to make text readable. This requires the use of two hands, instead of a simple double tap with my […]

Google Chrome Coming to iPhone and iPad Today

Chrome for iPad

Google is bringing its Chrome browser to the iPhone and iPad later today. The new browser will work just like the Android version, though it won’t have the benefit of using the custom Chrome engine. Like every other third-party iOS web-browser Chrome for iOS needs to use the Safari rendering engine so it should work […]

Google Chrome for Android ICS Leaves Beta

Google Chrome Browser for Android let beta

Google announced today that the Google Chrome for Android browser left beta today. This first stable version of the mobile browser for Android will show up in the Google Play Store for users of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above only. In other words the majority of Android users can’t download it at this […]

MacBook Pro w/ Retina Owners Limited to Safari: There’s No Browser Like Chrome

Apple's Retina Display Settings

Apple forces early MacBook Pro with Retina Display users to use its Safari web browser. Apple’s latest MacBook comes with a gorgeous display, but third-party browsers aren’t optimized for it yet, which means they’re pretty much unusable. Being forced to use Safari on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display may sound like a ‘First World Problem,” […]

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Launches with New Chrome OS

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

Samsung has a new Chromebook model to go along with Google’s new version of Chrome OS, but it’s still a bit expensive for what it does. The new Samsung Chromebook Series 5 is a laptop with a 12.1-inch display, an Intel Celeron 867 Dual Core (1.3 GHz) CPU, 16GB SSD, and 4GB of RAM. The […]

Chrome Could Be Coming Soon to iPhone and iPad

Chrome for Android Beta

Analyst group Macquarie (USA) Equities Research believes Google Chrome could be on its way to the iOS App Store in the near future,  but it will have the same limitations as other iOS browsers. The browser would have similar features to Chrome for Android. The browser would also serve to reduce the amount of money Google pays Apple […]

Chrome for Android Updated With More Languages, Homescreen Bookmarks

Google Chome for Android Beta

Google’s Chrome for Android is still in beta, but today it received an update with some much-requested new features. Google still hasn’t put in all of the requested updates, but it’s slowly working through the list. At the top of the list for today’s update is the inclusion of more language support. Google announced that […]

Chrome’s Crash Happy Attitude is Getting Old

Chrome Aw Snap

Google’s Chrome browser has been the first thing I install on new computers, but the recent crashing, buggy behavior and juvenile ‘Aw, Snap’ error messages are pushing me towards Safari or FireFox. The last straw came this week when tab after tab in Chrome crashed throwing the , “Aw, Snap” error message that was funny […]

Sony VAIO Chromebook Details and Photos Leak Out

Sony VAIO Chromebook Details and Photos Leak Out

In May of 2011, Google launched its Chrome OS Chromebooks. They never really caught on with the masses. However, it seems that the project is not over as a Sony VAIO Chromebook called the Sony VAIO VCC111 Series has leaked out through the FCC complete with specifications and photos. If it makes it to shelves, […]

Google to Target Larger Screens with Tablet-Centric Android 5.0 Jelly Bean


According to leaks, Google is working on its next-generation version of the Android mobile operating system dubbed Android 5.0, code named Jelly Bean, that will succeed Ice Cream Sandwich. Jelly Bean may potentially see a debut mid-year at the Google I/O conference, and it’s unclear if Google intends on debuting Jelly Bean with a new […]

Chrome for Android Does Not Support Adobe Flash

Chrome for Android

While this probably won’t come as much of a surprise to those of you with your finger on the pulse of Android, Google’s Chrome for Android browser does not Adobe Flash. Go ahead, try and go to a site that has Flash content. You’ll be greeted with a notice that says that you need to […]

Chrome for Android Hands On Video And Impressions

Google Chrome for Android Desktop Sync

Google has finally released Chrome for Android, a new web browser for Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets like the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime. The new Google Chrome for Android app features deeper integration with Chrome for your computer, including the ability to seamlessly open up the tabs you left open on your computer, […]

Chrome for Android Now Available for Android 4.0 Devices

Chrome for Android Beta

Today is a great day if you’ve been waiting for Google to release the beta of Chrome for Android because that is exactly what the company has done. After a long, long wait, Google has finally released Chrome for Android Beta, a browser that the company says is focused on two primary aspects. Speed and […]

Clearly from Evernote Streamlines Online Reading

Evernote Clearly

If you hate the clutter that comes with most online reading, you should check out the new tool from Evernote called Clearly. Clearly works similar to the mobiel Webzine and Reader options in Dolphin and Safari, but on your big screen. Clearly is a Chrome browser extension which turns your online reading into a well laid out […]

Publish Sync Posts to Google+ Facebook and Twitter From One Place

Publish Sync Chrome Browser Extension

If you are a Google+ user who wants to put your posts there and on Twitter and/or Facebook, the tool for you is Publish Sync: a Chrome-only extension. There are not many options for cross-posting your updates to Google+ as well as the other social networking services. This one seems to do the job. You will only […]

How To Login to 2 Gmail Accounts at the Same Time, In the Same Browser

How to Login to 2 Gmail Accounts at the Same Time in the Same Browser

Many of us have multiple email accounts for work, personal life and volunteering. As more organizations move to Google Apps, a growing number of users end up with multiple Gmail accounts. While you can forward your accounts to one central location and use different browsers, these solutions aren’t perfect. Instead, we will show you how to login to 2 Gmail accounts […]

Evernote Clipper For Chrome Updated with Focused Article Clipping

Evernote Chrome Clipper Article View

Evernote announced an update to the Evernote Clipper extension for Google Chrome today that adds a much more focused Article clipping feature as well as an updated look, better notifications and the ability to search your notes while you search Google, Bing or Yahoo. The biggest news is the Article Clip mode which can detect […]

Google CR-48 Chromebooks Shipping Again?

Google CR-48

It appears that some lucky individuals have been greeted with Google’s CR-48 prototype Chromebook on their doorsteps over the last few days. Sounds perfectly normal, right? Wrong. These people applied for the pilot program all the way back in December and hadn’t heard anything from Google until the new hardware arrived. What makes this even […]

Google I/O 2011 Day Two Announcement Roundup

Google I/O

The second day of Google I/O at the Moscone Center in San Francisco was a departure from the Android-centric day that took place yesterday. Today, Google’s focus was on Chrome. Chrome the operating system and Chrome the browser. And what conference wouldn’t be complete without some sort of Angry Birds announcement. Below, you’ll find the […]