How to Backup Android in 5 Easy Steps

HTC-One-M8-vs-iPhone-5s 4

Having a smartphone that is lost, broke or stolen is a common occurrence. Here we go over five easy ways to backup Android to keep your data and photos safe, or to prevent the headache of such a disaster. These days smartphones are just as important, or in some cases, more important than our home […]

PogoPlug Crushing Competition with 1TB of Cloud Storage for $99 a Year


PogoPlug offers some unique ways to do cloud storage using your own hard drives by interfacing with their software, website and PogoPlug devices, but they took a huge leap forward today announcing new PogoPlug with Amazon Glacier built-in. This gives consumers up to 1 TB of offsite cloud storage for only $99/year making it much […]

Droplr Review: 100GB of Online Storage for $3 a Month


Droplr lets users easy and quickly share files between Mac, Windows and iPhone. The new Droplr Pro accounts supercharge the service with 100GB of storage for just $3 per month. Sadly, Droplr doesn’t offer file sync, so it won’t replace Dropbox, Google Drive or Sugar Sync. Droplr makes several file sharing tasks easier and offers […]

Cubby: A new LogMeIn Competitor to Dropbox and SugarSync


LogMeIn just launched a new service called Cubby, a competitor to the popular and ubiquitous Dropbox with some of the best features of SugarSync built into the service. LogMeIn is a remote access and control service that lets users log into their computer from the Internet, iOS or Android devices. Once Cubby leaves beta, users can […]

World Backup Day: Back Up Your Android Smartphone And Tablet Automatically


Backing up an Android phone or tablet isn’t that hard and can even happen automatically in the background. We’ll walk you through how to back up your apps, SMS history, settings, and even your Home screens. Remember, if your data is backed up only in one place, it’s not fully backed up. Take advantage of more than one of free and inexpensive backup options listed.

Pogoplug Adds Cloud Storage to the Mix


Pogoplug added a new feature to their collection of devices and software used to let you create your own personal cloud of storage and streaming. In addition to the Pogoplug device, Pogoplug Mobile and the Pogoplug Desktop software, today the company added cloud-based backup, storage and streaming. To catch you up, Pogoplug’s devices and software […]

Pogoplug Software Turns Your Computers Into Cloud Storage Hubs (Early Access)

Pogoplug iPhone App

Pogoplug is updating their service to turn your computer into your own personal cloud storage hub essentially eliminating the need for one of the company’s Pogoplug hardware devices, although it will work with those devices too. Here are 9 cool new features that make Pogoplug a suitable replacement for Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, Google Music […]