Uploading to the Cloud to Slow? Try FedEx


I’d love to backup every last bit to my various cloud services, but the Internet tubes that lead from my office to services like Amazon S3, Sugarsync and MobileMe make it a daunting, if not impossible task. Amazon’s introducing a service called AWS Import/Export, which lets you mail an external backup drive to a data […]

Some Things I’d Like to See


Some random thoughts. From Broadband providers: if you want me to stay a loyal customer in these days of multiple devices, charge me as a user once to hook into your service, not by the number of devices I may own. Also forget data+voice+sms+whatever else. I’ll gladly pay an additional fee for each device I […]

GBM InkShow: Startforce, Browser OS

John from Startforce showed me his company’s browser-based operating system at Web 2.0 yesterday. Startforce can run on Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Startforce includes a desktop, productivity suite, image viewer and audio player. There’s an IM client that works with AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo chat. The Startforce email client […]

Microsoft Adds New Features to Office Live


Microsoft has added some new features to Office Live Workspace service along with 5GB of storage space. Office Live Workspace allows you to access your files and documents through a browser on the web. You can store just about any files (except executables) in the Office Live cloud.

GMail Goes Down and Comes Back Up

Crazy. GMail went down over night (at least in the US and parts of Europe) and of course it caused quite a stir when that happened. I found out curiously via a phone call. At the theatre where I work we are in the casting and hiring part of our season. I’m in the process […]

GMail Now Has Offline Mode with Gears


Maybe this explains while GMail has been so flaky of late. Google has finally added (although it is still experimental) and offline mode to GMail using its own Google Gears. You’ll have to flip the switch in the Google Labs section of your settings and this looks like another phased rollout as I don’t see […]

Should Enterprises Be Wary of Cloud Computing?

Ovum, a tech analyst consulting firm, is recommending that enterprises take a cautious approach to Cloud Computing, citing outages from Amazon and Google, as well as management challenges, as examples. “Enterprises are right to be cautious about relying on such consumer/SME-oriented suppliers for anything resembling a mission critical application or service,” said research firm Ovum […]

Google Adds Tasks to GMail


Google continues to tinker with GMail (and of late, I continue to have sporadic issues with GMail) and now they’ve added a module to allow you to create and manage Tasks. Basically you click and type and add a Task and you’re all set. You can add the feature through Settings/Labs (as you do with […]

Weekend Discussion: Biggest Tech News Story of the Year

It has been a very interesting year in terms of technology news: threats of buyouts, mergers, rumors of new devices, layoffs, phones, marketing campaigns, founders leaving, new mobile pcs, economy, netbooks, social media, cloud computing, CTO office in the White House, windows 7, multi-touch, app stores, and much more. In your opinion, what has been […]

Tableteer’s Lament: No Ink in the Cloud for Emails


I don’t ink emails very often. But when I need to, it is a blessing to have that option. Whip out the pen, scribble a quick response and send it off. But the more and more that I transition away from my traditional methods of email correspondence to using GMail as my standard, the further […]

Bug in EverNote Update for iPhone/iPod Touch Fixed


For those Inkers out there who also use an iPhone or an iPod Touch and the EverNote app for those devices there was great rejoicing earlier this week when it was announced that EverNote released an update that allowed for client-side storage of notes on those two Apple MIDs. Then a bug was discovered and […]

Windows Live Mesh Beta Updates and Adds Mac Client


Rob alluded to this the other day, and it looks like it is literally happening as I blog this. Windows Live Mesh is in the process of updating and in that process I’ve noticed that the Mac Client is now available. Supposedly this means that the Beta is now open, or is about to open […]

GBM Podcast #63: Touching Tablets, NetBooks, and the Cloud


Truc Bui and I spend some fun time talking about Tablet PCs, NetBooks, Microsoft Azure, and Rob’s Dell XT digitizer woes (which may or may not be on their way to being resolved.) Truc also fills us in on some of his thoughts about the new Fujistu Tablets just hitting the market (and the different […]

EverNote Adds Local Storage to iPhone/iPod Touch


EverNote continues to evolve and change on some fronts and each step is a good one in my opinion. The fact that you can experience EverNote across multiple platforms and multiple devices makes it a race to keep up at times as we’ll see an update for the Windows Client, then the Mac Client, then […]

Ray Ozzie Interviewed by Steve Gillmor on Azure and Office 14


The news out of PDC2008 has certainly been interesting regarding Vista 7, but I think in the long run the big takeaway will be Microsoft’s cloud approach with Windows Azure and also news about Office 14 having a web component. While we’ll all have to play wait and see on all of this, given the […]

Next Version of Microsoft Office Coming to the Cloud


No real surprise here given the way things are moving, but Microsoft announced today at PDC2008 that the next version of Microsoft Office will indeed include browser based versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and yes, OneNote. They won’t be fulled featured, (Microsoft is calling them “lightweight”) and they should be comparable to Google’s web apps. […]

PDC 2008: Cloud Computing


I’m watching Microsoft’s PDC 2008 live stream of Ray Ozzie’s Cloud Computing keynote and will notate important announcements here. Be sure to watch the live stream yourself. http://www.microsoftpdc.com. Primarily, Ray is laying out how computing has changed over the years, and the challenges facing developers and IT professionals in managing the infrastructure in Cloud Computing. […]