Worst Super Bowl Ad: Chatter

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There were a lot of bad commercials during Super Bowl XLV, but the worse one was the one I was looking forward to the most. My wife and I had a couple of friends over for the big game and they both happen to work for Salesforce.com. They came over pretty early and told us […]

Facebook Phone Rumors Persist, This Time with Unconfirmed Details


Rumors of Facebook entering the smartphone market to compete with industry titans such as Apple, Google, and RIM are persisting, but this time the news of some features of this phone come from users who were part of a focus group centered around social media and where the questions of interest surrounded “Facebook” behavior, usage, […]

HP Topaz webOS Specs and Details Leaked


With HP having already teased that it will launch a webOS-based tablet in the near future, we now have more information about its Topaz codenamed tablet, of which the company has filed for the Touchpad trademark. Along with the hardware specs for the tablet and its ability to sync wirelessly with the cloud, PreCentral has […]

Rumor: iTunes for the Desktop to Become Web App


According to Three Guys and a Podcast, the desktop version of Apple’s iTunes software used to manage, play, and synchronize your multimedia library will soon disappear as a standalone app. The site claims that Apple will be moving iTunes from a standalone software to become an in-browser Web app–which is ironic as Apple had shifted […]

Evernote Mac Beta Application Features Stacks, Sharing

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Evernote is one of my favorite web services, but using it on a Mac has been somewhat frustrating. The current Mac client doesn’t have all the features you’d expect, forcing Mac Evernote users to jump over to Evernote.com to share notes. That’s all about to change, and if you’re willing to run beta software you […]

SugarSync Improves Cloud Sharing, Collaboration

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SugarSync announced that users can now sync folders and files with other users. The new multi-user files and folders can be accessed on just about any device, making it easy for teams to collaborate and backup their work. One nice feature of this service is that only the originator of the shared folders and files […]

Pogoplug Biz: A Private Cloud For Your Small Business


Cloud Engines introduced the Pogoplug Biz, a device that allows people to quickly and easily set up private clouds for their small businesses or small groups. The device is very similar to the Pogoplug, which our own Warner Crocker often raves about, but has a few extra bells and whistles. The Pogoplug Biz allows you […]

Evernote Incorporated in SAP Collaboration Tool


SAP unveiled StreamWork, a cloud-based collaboration application that incorporates Evernote and a couple of other popular web services. SAP typically builds applications and services that are so complex that they make my head hurt when I try to understand how they’re used. Until today, I never imagined I’d ever use an SAP service even though […]

Google offering up to 16TB of Cloud Storage

What does 16TB of web-accessible storage look like? In my current setup, it would look like 32 NAS enclosures (yeah, I need to upgrade that) wired to 8 routers and plugged into 5 power blocks with backup batteries. But if I bought that from Google, it would look like $4,096 a year. Yes, Google’s dropped […]

Why Opera Unite Could “Reinvent” the Web


Reading through Dan Frommer’s analysis at Silicon Alley Insider, “Opera Unite Isn’t Going To ‘Reinvent’ Anything,” one gets the impression that Opera Unite doesn’t have the mainstream appeal needed to live up to its promise of “reinventing” the web. Granted, it is a grandiose claim of which anyone should be dubious. However, Dan overlooks several […]

Setting Up SugarSync- Take 2


After Warner Crocker blogged about free 2GB SugarSync accounts I decided to start using the service again. It wasn’t the free offer that got me interested in the service again, but some new product enhancements. I stopped using SugarSync back in August because syncing tons of videos and photos got in the way of synching […]

PDC 2008 – Following All The Mobile News


Some points of interest for us mobile, Tablet PC and Touch users — This isn’t going to be really a ‘Live Blogging’, but I’ll keep this post updated frequently with some important news coming form the Live Keynote going on right now! Stay Tuned for some Updates! Cool new Taskbar — previews in Full Screen […]