4 Alternatives To Paying Microsoft $99.99 a Year for Office for iPad

onlive streaming windows desktop for ipad

Microsoft finally released Office for iPad. The price, however, poses a big obstacle for the average user. Each app is free to download, but Microsoft requires an Office 365 subscription and charges users $9.99/month (or $99.99/year for it). Subscribers get access to Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows or 2011 for Mac, plus the online versions, […]

CloudOn 4.0 Brings Microsoft Office to Android Smartphones

cloudon for android smartphones

Many app makers have brought Microsoft Office-compatible apps to Android smartphones, but CloudOn decided to bring MS Office to the Android platform via the cloud with their CloudOn service and app. CloudOn is similar to the Onlive Desktop app, which also gives users a Microsoft Office virtual environment on tablets, or LogMeIn with their free Cubby app, which lets users […]

CloudOn for Android Delivers Full Office Experience on Android Tablets (Video)

CloudOn Excel for Android

There are a number of Office apps for Android, but when it comes to a full featured Office experience fitting the collaboration needs of corporate employees most of the apps out there don’t bring everything to the table. CloudOn impressed me with the iPad app that delivers a very full-featured Office for iPad experience, even […]

CloudOn App Lets You Work with Your Microsoft Office Docs on the iPad


Yesterday Kevin posted about the OnLive Desktop App and service that will allow iPad users to have a virtual Windows 7 desktop on their Tablet. While CloudOn isn’t a full Windows desktop experience, instead focusing on creating and using Office documents, we are starting to see a trend here and there is even some noise […]