Google Babble Unified Messaging May Launch as ‘Babel’


We had previously reported that Google is working on a unified messaging and notification service called Babble, but the name may actually be spelled ‘Babel’ at launch. Babel, or Babble as it was previously rumored, would be a cross-platform unified messaging solution that will merge Google Talk, Google Voice, Google+ Messenger, and other messaging services […]

Google’s Babble Hopes to Keep Your Chats Organized


In addition to the recently rumored Google Keep service, Google is also speculated to be working on a unified messaging service called Babble. Babble, however, won’t be something entirely new to add to Google’s expanding portfolio of communications products, but will be a product that will aggregate existing Google communications product into one unified messaging […]

Google Voice Integration with Sprint Now Live


If you’re a Sprint subscriber and a Google Voice user, you’ll be happy to know that Google Voice is now available for, and tightly integrated, with any and all Sprint mobile phone numbers. The integration service was announced at the CTIA Spring 2011 trade show where Sprint had debuted the HTC EVO 3D and the […]