Intel’s Merrifield Could Be a Huge Smartphone Game Changer in 2014


At the Computex show, chip-maker Intel had shown off designs for its latest chipsets for high-end computing as well as for more power conservative smartphones. Merrifield, which is an Atom processor based around a 22 nm design, is one such chip that Intel was showing off, and the silicon could have a huge impact in […]

Samsung Formally Announces Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and 10.1 With Intel


Android hardware-maker Samsung had formally announced two new models in its Galaxy Tab 3 lineup at the Computex tradeshow, weeks ahead of a separate media event scheduled in London. The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will be joining the third generation Galaxy Tab 7.0 model, but this time at least […]

Asus to Challenge Galaxy Note 3 With Stylus-Equipped Phablet?


Asus, no stranger to experimenting with new form factors, may be introducing a Galaxy Note 3 challenger with a stylus-equipped phablet of its own. The Asus-made Note 3 challenger may debut shortly at Computex as there are numerous hints on the Asus website that points out to the various features of a stylus-equipped phablet experience. According […]

Weekly Wrapup: Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone News & Reviews (June 3rd)

Apple WWDC

Thanks to Computex 2011 in Taipei we have a large collection of new notebooks to share with you. We also have some new news about smartphones and tablets, including an in-depth look at the HP TouchPad from Computex. Don’t forget, if you signed up for our reader meetup tonight, you should grab your ticket and get to the venue for your […]

HP TouchPad Gets Demoed at Computex (Video)

HP TouchPad

HP has still yet to give us anything substantial on the HP TouchPad, its webOS tablet device that it announced back in February. Lucky for us, SanDisk was more than willing to show off the new device giving a detailed video tour of the tablet at this year’s Computex conference in Taipei. The video touches […]

Acer Shows Off Mango-Powered Windows Phone 7 W4


Acer is showing off the W4 Windows Phone 7 hardware at the Computex trade show. The device is said to be pre-loaded with the latest Windows Phone 7 Mango update, and would come in two variants with one variant supporting AT&T’s U.S. 3G bands. Here are some specs for the device: 3.6-inch WVGA Capacitive screen, Screen […]

Did the iPhone 4 Inspire Quanta’s Android Honeycomb Tablet’s Design


At the Computex trade show, manufacturer Quanta was showing off a reference Android Honeycomb tablet design that it is hoping to license to other brand names to quickly take to market. The design itself looks stylish and attractive, with a two-toned rear finish that combines a smooth soft touch rubberized strip that surrounds the rear […]

Asus PadFone Details, First Impression & Hands On Video Roundup

Padfone - Tablet and Phone Docked

Asus has unveiled a new tablet concept at Computex 2011 called the Asus PadFone, which has an opening in the back that allows you to dock your smartphone to power the tablet, similar to how the Motorola Atrix 4G powers a laptop dock. The Asus PadFone has been announced, but the details are still scarce […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android 3.1 Update Rolling Out Next Week

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Back on May 17th, both Asus and Acer confirmed their Android Honeycomb tablets, the Eee Pad Transformer and Iconia Tab A500, would be receiving a boost up to Android 3.1 Honeycomb at some point during the month of June. Well, it appears that Eee Pad Transformer owners won’t have to wait too long into the […]

Acer to Introduce New Intel-Powered Android Honeycomb Tablet at Computex?


While Asus is teasing its own phone-pad hybrid, rival Acer may be releasing an Intel Atom-based tablet running the Android Honeycomb platform at Computex next week. The tablet would bear a 10-inch form factor and would utilize Intel’s Oak Trail chips, which is based on the Atom processor line. Acer would be among the first […]

Is Asus Working on a Phone That Docks Into a Tablet?


Remember the Motorola Atrix 4G Tegra 2-powered Android smartphone for AT&T that conveniently converts into a ‘laptop’ with the optional, yet expensive, Laptop Dock? It appears that Asus may be working on a similar phone-dock concept, this time though, rather than a laptop dock, Asus may be bring a smartphone with a Tablet Dock. Teaser […]

Viewsonic 7x Honeycomb Tablet Tipped to Launch in June

Viewsonic 7x Honeycomb Tablet

It appears that the current stable of Android 3.0 (and Android 3.1) Honeycomb tablets will be joined by yet another device at the end of this month with the Viewsonic 7x rumored to be ready for an uveiling on May 31st at Computex in Taipei. If true, the Viewsonic 7x would be the first 7-inch […]

Intel’s Riding the Tablet Train at Computex


Our friend Chippy from UMPC Portal was overwhelmed by the number of tablets he saw at the Intel booth at Computex today. From the looks of it, they’re all media consumption devices rather than computers you’d use in most lines of work. Intel of course doesn’t sell devices directly, but the company does drive a […]

Tablets Burst Out at Computex, Apple Announces 2 Million iPads Sold


Apple knows how to keep its hand in your face. Quite a few companies are using the Computex show to bring their hoped for iPad competitors onto the radar screen, and we’ve see a few announcements and prototypes so far. Sitting comfortably in Cupertino while Computex gets underway, Apple announced that iPad sales have now […]

Taiji Slate with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard


The Taiji Windows 7 Slate being shown off at Computex adds an interesting twist to the “here come the slates” entry. It has a small detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The Slate is running Windows 7 on a VIA C7 M processor so don’t look for a speed demon here. Check out the video below. via […]

Asus Thinks About Digital Ink Note Takers with Eee Tablet


Asus is not only showing off its Eee Pad prototypes at Computex, it is also touting the Eee Tablet. Confused? well, kinda, sorta. But Inkers might pay attention to the distinction. The 8 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display of the Eee Tablet is being targeted towards note takers. It is capable of displaying 64 […]

MSI Debuts Wind Pad 100 Slate


Computex is underway and from what the pre-show hype tells us, we’re supposed to be seeing Tablets and Slates that are being targeted towards the end of the year being ballyhooed. MSI has jumped out of the gate with its Wind Pad 100, a 10 inch, Intel Atom (1.66GHz), Windows 7 Home Premium based slate. […]

ITG Announces XP-powered Phone At Computex


Ok, so I’m really confused now. I mean, it doesn’t take a lot to confuse me, but still. Just a few days ago, I reported on the Nokia N900 that will blur the line between MID/UMPC and smartphone. Today, In Technology Group used Computex to release the xpPhone, a phone that runs XP (or a […]