Watch Dogs Reviews: Funniest Review & Hours of Game Play

As close as you'll get to Watch Dogs reviews this week, Conan delivers funny and reviewers offer hours of game play.

Ubisoft has Watch Dogs reviews on lock down until the May 27th release date, but two new in depth gaming sessions show the closest you’ll get to a Watch Dogs review this week. Additionally Conan delivers the funniest Watch Dogs review you’ll ever see with a critique of the main character’s clothing, and the brilliant […]

Conan Tries To Get An iPhone 5 Early (Video)

Conan early iPhone 5 skit

While most of us are trying to get our iPhone 5 pre-orders to go through, late night comedians are busy writing up their skits to comment on the new launch. A few days ago Jimmy Kimmel used the iPhone 5 announcement to trick random people on the street into thinking an iPhone 4S was the […]