Kyocera’s New Smartphone Tech is Perfect for Shooters & Concert Junkies

Kyocera Tissue Conduction

Kyocera showed off a bit of new smartphone tech at CTIA 2012 that is sure to catch the ears of anyone who needs to hear their phone in a loud environment or with hearing protection. The┬áprototype┬áKyocera Tissue Conduction demo shown in the video below replaces the speaker with a transducer that transmits sound through vibrations […]

HTC to Offer Fix for Chipping One S Ceramic Shell


With the HTC One S smartphone, a mid-range smartphone in HTC’s new One lineup that’s also headed to T-Mobile USA’s 4G HSPA+ network in the U.S., HTC had used a micro-arc oxidation process, a manufacturing technique that essentially turns the unibody aluminum shell into a toughness that’s similar to ceramic by injecting a heavy shot […]