Consumer Reports: Samsung Out-Wows Apple


In the latest Consumer Reports rankings of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship tops the list, besting out old favorites like the iPhone 5. The device was also recently selected by Google as an alternative to the Internet giant’s traditional Nexus-branded phone called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, or the Nexus Edition. The device retains […]

Apple Customer Service Ranked Number One by Consumer Reports Again

apple genius bar

Which top name computer company is best at supporting customers with their post-sales service? Consumer Reports has a new survey out that lands Apple Customer Service ahead of everyone else for yet another year. Consumer Reports found that Apple garnered 86 out of a possible 100 points. This means that consumers were “very satisfied” with the company’s technical […]

Consumer Reports Ranks Verizon Best U.S. Carrier, AT&T As Worst


In its most recent annual report on U.S. mobile carrier Consumer Reports found that Verizon Wireless is the best carrier of the big four, and AT&T is the worst. Verizon led the pack of the major carrier by receiving good scores in voice quality as well as data service quality. The company also scored well […]

Consumer Reports Does a Back Track on new iPad

New iPad Fry an Egg

I almost expected the headline of this Consumer Reports piece to be, The New iPad is Hot, But Not Like You Think. But that would be too much irony for a Monday morning. No matter, Consumer Reports has back tracked a bit and said that those heat issues for the new iPad that got them […]

Top 11 Ways to Use Your Hot New iPad (Video)

New iPad Fry an Egg

The new iPad is hot, I don’t just mean 3 million sold during opening weekend hot, but literally hot. How hot? According to consumer reports it can reach a not so blistering 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the 13 degree heat bump while playing games, Apple says that this is well within their thermal specifications, which is […]

Consumer Reports States Obvious: new iPad Can Heat Up

iPad heat test

Yes, the new iPad runs warmer than the iPad 2. Anyone not know this yet? Well, as expected, Consumer Reports will fill you in if you’ve had your head in the sand since Friday.  CR is out with a report that states what many have already said. The new iPad can get hotter to the […]

Consumer Reports Again Rates AT&T as Worst U.S. Carrier


Consumer Reports has released its annual carrier satisfaction survey and for the second year in a row, AT&T has taken the crown as the carrier with the lowest rating. In first place for major carriers was Verizon which was followed by Sprint. T-Mobile was rated behind Sprint but according to the survey, was far and […]

With ‘Death Grip’ Fixed, Consumer Reports Recommends iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

There was a time when Consumer Reports would not recommend Apple’s iPhone. The reason of course was because of the ‘death grip’ issues that the iPhone 4 suffered from, issues that spawned the whole ‘Antennagate’ mess that occurred in the summer of last year. This year’s iPhone, the iPhone 4S, suffers from no such issues […]

Consumer Reports: iPad 2 Is Best Tablet On The Market

iPad 2

Consumer Reports has released their updated tablet rankings and Apple’s latest entry into the tablet market, the iPad 2, sits by itself atop the list. In a battle royal between 10 of the market’s top tablets, Consumer Reports has found that Apple’s Wi-Fi + 3G version of the iPad 2 trumps them all. Coming up […]

PR Experts Pounce on Apple Say Recall of iPhone 4 is Inevitable


PR experts are a dime a dozen. I know. I’ve been one. You guess right some of the time and you guess wrong as well. Tried and true strategies eventually become tired and stale as the public catches on to the game. New attempts at damage control work sometimes and don’t others. So much depends […]

Consumer Reports Can Not Recommend iPhone 4


Consumer Reports has recently completed some testing on the now infamous iPhone 4 “Death Grip” issues and is concluding that it can not recommend the iPhone 4. The report contradicts Apple’s recent, and mostly derided, “stunned” admission that the issue is with how the software calculates and displays the cell phone bars on the screen, […]