MobileDemand: Why the iPad May Not Be the Right Tablet for Your Work


With the iPad taking over businesses large and small–American Airlines is equipping its pilots with Apple’s tablets and Nordstrom department stores have replaced bulky cash registers in favor of iPads for point-of-sales terminals–it’s hard to imagine a world without consumer-grade tablets. However, if you’re running a business, especially a mobile business where employees are frequently […]

BlackBerry Balance Released to Help Corporate Users Achieve Work, Life Balance

BlackBerry Balance 2 BlackBerry Balance Separates Enterprise and Personal Data

BlackBerry Balance is now released with the goal of helping enterprise users merge theircorporate and personal smartphones into one single, unified BlackBerry device. The app’s purpose is to help users maintain a secure smartphone while still allowing for the more playful and fun things to do on your phone–like accessing Gmail and Facebook apps–possible without […]